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We welcome all fashion devotees to share their fabulous styles, discuss fashion, ask questions and have a good time here. JustFab will be posting content to social media profiles including but not limited to: product sneak peeks, insider information, contests, special offers, fashion news and much more.

Our goal is to provide an inviting place for our fans where they can experience top-notch customer service. We will do our best to help our fans via on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In order to do this, we have guidelines for content posted to our page. JustFab strives to address all posts and avoid removing content or banning users. For the benefit of all fans, we must enforce the following guidelines. Comments or posts that contain one or more of the qualities listed below will be deleted. Users may be banned if they are deemed excessive or repeat offenders.

We do not tolerate:

  • Hateful comments
  • Racial discrimination
  • Excessive profanity
  • Gender discrimination
  • Sexual Orientation discrimination
  • Religious discrimination
  • Links, images or excessive references to other companies or their products
  • Spam
  • Posting ads from other companies
  • Posting any content in a pestering or harassing manner repeatedly (i.e. the posting of content specifically to invite or provoke arguments, harass the company or fans of the company.) You are, however, more than welcome to post complaints or issues in an effort to seek resolution in a generally accepted civil manner.

Other Guidelines

  • Referral Links and Wish Lists are meant for friends and family. Please don’t share them on our Facebook fanpage or in comments of tweets and Instagram posts. Referral links are meant to be shared with your personal social networks and email contacts.
  • If a member explicitly asks for a referral link, you may provide one in the comments below his/her request post. Please do not post more than one referral link per post.
  • You are welcome to post about individual items on your wishlist, if you have questions or feedback!

For urgent issues or specific questions about member accounts or inventory, we kindly suggest calling us at 1.866.337.0906, 24/7. We try to address every post, but due to the nature of social networks, we may miss a comment here or there. When posting a question, we suggest that you post it as a separate comment on our Facebook timeline or tweeting @JustFabOnline. We love our fans and followers, and our goal is to treat you like the fabulous fashionista that you are.

Thank you so much for being our fan.
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