If you’ve been keeping up with Project Runway week after week, you know that it was anyones game. Read More
5th Nov 2015
We’re down to the final contestants and the final episodes of Project Runway – what are we going to do when it’s all over?! Read More
30th Oct 2015
Last week on Project Runway, we witnessed each contestant vie for the chance to have their winning design sold on JustFab and even though each contestant put their best foot forward, only one winner made it to the top. Read More
6th Oct 2015
This week on Project Runway, the designers were asked to create looks inspired by the broadway musical “Finding Neverland.” Read More
25th Sep 2015
September 21st is International Peace Day and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than by creating some super cute tie-dye tops. For years tie dye clothing has been used to express a free-spirited nature filled with love and positive vibes! And well, if you’ve ever owned a super cool tie-dye top, you know Read More
21st Sep 2015
This week on Project Runway, the designers geeked out in the Unconventional Dumper Dive challenge.  Read More
18th Sep 2015
It was the survival of the chic-est on Project Runway last night. The designers were split into two teams in yet another team challenge and their runway looks were magical! Read More
4th Sep 2015
These Project Runway design challenges are just getting better and better! This week, our talented designers were faced with the iconic challenge. If you didn’t catch last night’s dramatic episode, check out these photos for a look at what you missed. Read More
27th Aug 2015