This Monday was all about cleaning out our closets for a good cause. The JustFab team put their emails and daily tasks aside to band together for the Goodwill Give Back Box event. Here at the JF headquarters, staffers hauled in what could best be described as the cumulative aftermath of dozens of closet purges! Read More
11th Jan 2017
We know, we know … New Year’s resolutions are always all the rage. Well, here at JustFab, we’ve decided we’re actually anti resolutions this year! We interviewed some of our employees about their resolutions and found out they’re actually killing the game without changing a d*mn thing. Because, when it comes right down to it, Read More
2nd Jan 2017
Do you feel like you have way too many old clothes and shoes—and nowhere to keep them? Even more, do you want to donate them and you’re not sure how to go about doing that? Well, JustFab is here to help. Read More
1st Jan 2017
Every year around New Year’s Eve people decide to celebrate their flaws publicly by posting their resolutions as if the massive drunk crowds weren’t enough to deem this the most amateur holiday of the year. Honestly, we don’t need a reason to party and be perfect because we do it 365 days of the year.  Read More
13th Dec 2016
Life is full of surprises and when you’re a Diamond Elite those surprises are endless! Meet Jenny, a Diamond Elite from Valencia, CA who has been a VIP member with JustFab since 2011! Due to her Diamond Elite status Jenny was invited to our Diamond Elite Project Runway Screening party this past September! My team and Read More
9th Dec 2016
Everyone’s heard the phrase, “Everything is bigger in Texas.” But until our Dallas Diamond Elite party, we didn’t understand just what that phrase really meant! This past Thursday, JustFab had the pleasure of pampering some of our Diamond Elites in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area with a swanky party at the iconic Hotel ZaZa. They were Read More
6th Dec 2016
When you think about it, the traditional way of shopping on Black Friday basically combines all of the worst things on the planet: early mornings, people in sweat pants, crowds. We didn’t actually think waking up at ass-crack-30 and fighting a bunch of housewives for a toaster would appeal to Betches, did we? Of course Read More
23rd Nov 2016
It seems like just yesterday we were shaking off the sand from our sandals, doesn’t it? While time seriously flies during the summer, if you’re anything like us, you believe that fall can be just as good thanks to the crisp clean air, warm nights by the fire, and of course, the holidays! Read More
13th Nov 2016