The holidays are not only approaching, but they are here my friends! It’s time to strap on your party shoes and get ready for all of the exciting holiday celebrations. We all know how wild the company holiday party can get, how fun our friend’s New Year’s party always is, and how comforting celebrating with Read More
8th Dec 2013
Hooray, the holiday party season is finally here! I mean, who doesn’t enjoy the opportunity to get done up? Glam hair, nails, shoes and gorgeous frocks, yes please! Surely you’re just about ready to hit the party-circuit but you’re in pursuit of a party-ready bag large enough to carry your essentials, yet chic and compact Read More
5th Dec 2013
There are two kinds of daughter-in-laws in the world – those who are cherished (the darling daughter-in-law) and those who are, well, under-appreciated. When dressing for events with this part of your family, it’s important to think about your in-laws and what is going to go over best. Is it a treat for them to Read More
26th Nov 2013
Known for her girly-girl style, impeccable manicures, and crafty DIY skills, Belinda Selene is a vlogger you have to watch for fashion and beauty inspiration. Her fabulous persona and fondness of shoes is so lovable that we had to chat with her. Read below for our exclusive interview with her! Plus, see how she styles Read More
23rd Nov 2013
Most women are afraid to embrace color, especially in the fall and winter seasons, for fear of looking like a crayon! But the truth is, bold color enhances your features, brightens your skin, and often puts a smile on your face! So here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate color into your wardrobe Read More
8th Nov 2013
A little bit grunge, a whole lot of cool, lace up booties can be worn with more than just flannels and t-shirts. To keep these booties totally current, wear them with soft, feminine, and textured pieces. Check out four easy ways to style your lace up booties. Read More
22nd Oct 2013
If you haven’t jumped on the midi ring trend yet, it’s time to get on it! We’re obsessed with this trend because of how easy it is to mix & match, making it fun to wear old rings with new ones. Plus, it’s a great way to instantly dress up your outfit for the day. Read More
26th Sep 2013
Your boot pursuit ends here! Whether you’re looking for a sexy date night style or functional option for running errands, we have fresh fall options for every occasion. Read More
14th Sep 2013