Get swept away with fierce and feminine styles that are taking over the fall wardrobes of every style savvy girl from New York to LA and everywhere in between! See below for some of our favorite stylist looks, and some fun outfit inspo! Stylist Whitney S. @goodwitchvintage Floral We love the way Whitney effortlessly draped Read More
20th Oct 2017
Happy Friday the 13th! Despite what common misconception, this is actually a very lucky day. It never happens more than 3 times in any calendar year, making it a rare treat worthy of celebration. On this freaky Friday, we decided to do our own rendition of the popular movie and switch our stylist’s fashion personas. Read More
13th Oct 2017
Happy Birthday PS! In case you weren’t already convinced, we’re giving you 5 reasons why a stylist will make your days both easier and more fashionable! Let’s face it, daily life is just easier when you have someone to help pick out outfits and looks for you. Because we’ve all had those moments where you’re Read More
Halloween is creeping up, and if you’re anything like us, you’re probably used to brainstorming super fun and elaborate costume ideas and then procrastinating until it’s too late and you have nothing to wear! This year, we’re taking the stress out of the equation with easy-to-replicate costumes you can put together using styles you’ll want Read More
11th Oct 2017
October has arrived, and a fresh path has been laid out before us with cosmic sparks waiting to be ignited by new loves, new career opportunities, and new shoes! That’s right, find your sign below and see the shoe that will lead you to your destiny. Read More
1st Oct 2017
One of the best things about fall are all the new fashion trends that roll in with it. Lucky for you, we’ve already sifted through the good, the bad, and the ugly! Take a look below at some of our absolute favorite trends of the season, and see how our JustFab Personal Stylists have styled Read More
29th Sep 2017
Whether It’s a deep red, blush, or rosé, fine wine has moved from the wine cabinet to your wardrobe by way of these dreamy and rich hues. Take a look below and get inspired by our stylist’s take on this chic fall trend. Read More
27th Sep 2017
We’re going to let you in on a little secret … we’re totally loving K-Swiss and Skecher Street. And now we’re offering both of these iconic sneaker brands at JustFab—and with exclusive pricing to boot! We’ve got the 411 for you on these two brands and why you’re about to fall in love with both Read More
25th Sep 2017