When I was in elementary school, I was a categorical tomboy. I spent every recess on the basketball court with the boys; I insisted upon going to my brother’s hockey practices; I argued with my dad about playing softball instead of real baseball (softball “was for girls”…little did I realize!). I suppose it goes without Read More
23rd Jun 2012
Hey Fashionistas! June always marks the start of summer for me, and the start of busting out more colorful, lighter clothing. With this comes brighter shoes…which explains my June pick for JustFab! I fell in love with the orange color of these heels the second I saw them, and I knew I would be living Read More
22nd Jun 2012
If you’re a big time fashionista like all of us at JustFab, you’ve probably already noticed that this season is all about mind-blowing metallics and sensational nudes. You’ve also probably noticed that, as with any trend, these colors are starting to appear everywhere, making it hard to find an original way to wear them. Don’t Read More
21st Jun 2012
One of the most amazing parts about working in New York City is the shopping and people watching. You see the most amazing dressed women in the latest, greatest and most expensive clothes, shoes, baubles and more. While it’s like being a kid in a candy store with all of the amazing high-end stores, it Read More
18th Jun 2012
Ankle straps, slides and peep toes + SKY HIGH platform heels can be a recipe for disaster. How do you prevent an embarrassing wipe out? It’s all in the preparation! Read More
15th Jun 2012
In honor of the new summer season, I thought it would be fun to talk about some of my favorite new shoe shapes! Read More
11th Jun 2012
I was recently in Las Vegas to be a judge for the Miss USA beauty pageant. Yes, I said beauty pageant. Let’s not sugar-coat this because it is what it is, and it really bugs me that people have a problem with the word ‘beauty.’ What’s wrong with beauty? We all crave beauty in our Read More
10th Jun 2012
This past week, the celebrity world has been glitz galore from coast to coast with three major awards events occurring within days of each other. The MTV Movie Awards, held Sunday night in sunny Los Angeles, brought together all sorts of stars to celebrate the best and worst in Hollywood films. Monday evening was host Read More
9th Jun 2012