The holidays are here, and although most of us are busy shopping for gifts for our loved ones, this month is also a time to think about yourself and what this time of year holds for you. Want to know what to expect this month? Read on for your December horoscope – and the heels Read More
1st Dec 2016
Episode 10 kicked off with a high fashion challenge – design an editorial piece for a New York City power woman. After meeting at a helipad, the designers shall seek inspiration from the city grid above. What a spectacular way to see NYC, right? After sketching outdoors, the designers are headed back to their homebase Read More
22nd Nov 2016
What rhymes with BetchesXJustFab? A trendy venue in West Hollywood, customized cocktails, a decked out Holiday Season photobooth, emoji pillows… and shoes, lots of shoes. Clearly, we don’t know how to rhyme, but we sure know how to throw an epic party. JustFab & Betches celebrated their partnership with a celeb-filled LA launch event, hosted by Betches founders Jordana Abraham, Read More
16th Nov 2016
Last week’s episode was one for the books! What a challenge – the designers had the complicated task of creating garments for their moms. We all know Mom is our best friend but also the most honest one. The excitement in the design room is obvious and everyone seems happy to have a family member Read More
15th Nov 2016
As fall turns to winter, there’s nothing like cozying up to a super-chic sweater or jacket. And while there are so many different styles out there to choose from, it’s important to remember that certain styles look better on certain body types. Lucky for you, our most recent outerwear looks are designed to fit and Read More
10th Nov 2016
Welcome to the “Urban Jungle” as we step into Episode 7 of Project Runway. The designers took a fast trip to Universal City, Orlando for quite the inspiration. Sketches done by the pool and shortly after, back on a plane to the big apple – the hard work begins. Strikingly colorful the JustFab accessory wall Read More
2nd Nov 2016
Can’t find anything to wear? Standing cluelessly in front of your closet until you’re late for work? Yea, we get it, we’ve totally been there. Now. we’re bringing you the ultimate collection to solve your wardrobe woes: The Betches X JustFab November hitlist. These styles are literally everything right now! Whether you’ve got weekend plans, Read More
1st Nov 2016