How To Reinvent Your Summer Basics

26th Jul 2019 / By Guest Contributor

There are days when we strive for basic, and there are days when we don’t. Either way, we all reach the point when our simple black dress or denim skirt just aren’t doing it for us anymore. Instead of turning to fashion week’s latest statement piece, remember that there are many tips and tricks that can transform your own basic piece into the editorial look of your dreams. Experimenting with colors, patterns, layering, and accessories are all great ways to reinvent an overused summer basic. Check out the looks below to see how four of our simple pieces can be transformed into an electric high- fashion style.

Look 1:

A basic summer maxi dress can serve endless purposes for your wardrobe in practically every season. By throwing on a chunky polo or long sleeve top, you can transform any dress into the perfect slip-skirt. Style it up or down with a pair of sneakers or kitten heels, and add a fun hair accessory to complete the look.

Look 2:

Sheer beach dresses can be hard to pull off (especially when you’re in the city). Adding a pair of straight leg jeans help to add a street style sense to any look, and a modern heeled mule will further heighten the sophistication. Feminine, colorful scarves are the best way to top it off and can be styled in endless ways, from your hair to your waist, to hanging from your pocket.

Look 3:

A simple trench dress is incredibly sleek, but can also become quickly monotonous. To keep the chic neckline and button front visible, try adding a fun shirt underneath the dress to add a fresh layered appeal. Adding a sneaker with a standout sock is a good way to mirror the quirky yet stylish ambiance of the layered garments. Tie it together with a color coordinated head piece to form the perfect high fashion look.

Look : 4

Lastly, we come to the infamous denim skirt: a piece that can be styled every which way yet is still often overused and tired out. By replacing your go-to summery top with a bulky denim jacket, you can immediately transition from basic brunch to runway ready. Experiment with the ways you can wear the skirt, like twisting it around halfway to have an asymmetrical pocket and cool central seam. Finally, add a vibrant pop of color with a chic head scarf and rainbow heel, and don’t forget to keep your socks on if you’re looking for next level editorial style.

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