10 Ways to Style This Summer’s White Jeans

21st Jun 2019 / By Guest Contributor

It’s come time to make the slow and often painful transition from our trustworthy black wardrobe to our unpredictable summer whites. Depending on the extent of what your closet offers in terms of obnoxiously cheery summer looks, this can be a very difficult life change. We know this feeling all too well, which is why help is on the way. Scroll down to discover 10 of summer’s best looks for every occasion, all styled with the same pair of perfect white jeans. That’s right. You only need one.

Look 1: Sunday Brunch

When you go white, you might as well go all the way. Pair these perfect white jeans with a classic white V for the complete summer look. And don’t worry, the mimosa will wash out. Add a flamboyant rainbow sandal to ensure that you’ll be the best dressed at brunch.

(1) https://www.justfab.com/products/Embroidered-Button-Front-Blouse-WT1934838-1010?psrc=browse:apparel:tops:Best-Sellers ; (2) https://www.justfab.com/products/Belted-Wide-Leg-Crop-Jeans-CP1933089-1010?psrc=browse:apparel:denim:straight ; (3) https://www.justfab.com/products/Come-And-Go-Mule-DA1934583-2276?psrc=https://www.justfab.com/products/Come-And-Go-Mule-DA1934583-2276?psrc=

Look 2 : Movie Night

Time for the cinema, baby. Get out of bed, turn off Netflix, and throw on this casually chic look for a picture-perfect night at the movies. A sleek tank paired with your favorite jeans, and a fabulous croc mule to seal the deal.

(1) https://www.justfab.com/products/Lace-Trim-Spaghetti-Strap-Tank-KT1935655-0001?psrc=browse:apparel:tops:Best-Sellers (2) https://www.justfab.com/products/Belted-Wide-Leg-Crop-Jeans-CP1933089-1010?psrc=browse:apparel:denim:straight (3) https://www.justfab.com/products/Angie-Block-Heel-Mule-PP1935432-2155?psrc=

Look 3 : Travel Day

What, like fashion doesn’t exist at the airport? Suit up in this cozy pink sweater, white jeans, and a modern woven slide for a comfy yet cute travel look. After all, who knows who you may run into.

(1) https://www.justfab.com/products/Fitted-V-Neck-Pullover-KT1832282-7010?psrc=browse:apparel:tops:shirtsblouses (2) https://www.justfab.com/products/Belted-Wide-Leg-Crop-Jeans-CP1933089-1010?psrc=browse:apparel:denim:straight (3) https://www.justfab.com/products/Cute-And-Casual-Woven-Flat-FT1932698-1010?psrc=

Look 4 : Lazy Afternoon

Finally, no commitments. Throw on a basic all-white look with a pair of dad sneakers and follow the day’s agenda: absolutely nothing. Do a face mask or two and treat yourself to a glass of wine, you deserve it.

(1) https://www.justfab.com/products/Twist-Hem-Cotton-Tee-KT1935664-1010?psrc=product_detail_related_items (2) https://www.justfab.com/products/Belted-Wide-Leg-Crop-Jeans-CP1933089-1010?psrc=browse:apparel:denim:straight (3) https://www.justfab.com/products/Danika-Sneaker-SK1935061-9900?psrc=

Look 5 : Dinner Date

Give your favorite LBD a break. Get dressed up in this flirty leopard blouse, classic jeans, and modern black heels for an unforgettable date with your special someone. (It looks great when you’re hanging with your mom, too).

(1) https://www.justfab.com/products/Off-Shoulder-Leopard-Print-Blouse-WT1935346-9011?psrc=browse:apparel:tops:Best-Sellers(2) https://www.justfab.com/products/Belted-Wide-Leg-Crop-Jeans-CP1933089-1010?psrc=browse:apparel:denim:straight (3) https://www.justfab.com/products/Weekend-Trip-Heeled-Sandal-DA1934582-0001?psrc=

Look 6 : Girls Day

Mandatory girls day. Mandatory outfit: Dreamy blue polka dot top, classic white jeans, and the cutest blue sandals to tie it all together. Catch up on the gossip, do some shopping, drink a cocktail, and then do it all over again.

(1) hhttps://www.justfab.com/products/POLKA-DOT-SURPLICE-TOP-WT1937026-4020?psrc=browse:apparel:tops:shirtsblouses(2) https://www.justfab.com/products/Belted-Wide-Leg-Crop-Jeans-CP1933089-1010?psrc=browse:apparel:denim:straight (3) https://www.justfab.com/products/Isa-Slip-On-Sandal-DA1933943-4220?psrc=

Look 7 : Resort Weekend

The getaway you’ve always dreamed of. Keep it simple with black and white, but throw in a funky pattern and fun shoe to match the weekend vibe. This dotted blouse and electric green heels will make your white jeans feel like the luckiest pants in the world.

(1) https://www.justfab.com/products/Polka-Dot-Wrap-Top-WT1830804-1020?psrc=browse:apparel:tops:Best-Sellers (2) https://www.justfab.com/products/Belted-Wide-Leg-Crop-Jeans-CP1933089-1010?psrc=browse:apparel:denim:straight (3) https://www.justfab.com/products/Come-And-Go-Mule-DA1934583-3642?psrc=

Look 8 : Beach Trip

Time to abandon that pasty skin and spend a day sizzling at the shore. Sport this perfect yellow one-piece with your white jeans and gold sandals for a spot-on summer fit or pretend you’re in the South of France and strip down to nothing. Either works.

(1) https://www.justfab.com/products/Tie-Shoulder-One-Piece-Swimsuit-SM1932617-9011?psrc=browse:apparel:swimwear:onepiece(2) https://www.justfab.com/products/Belted-Wide-Leg-Crop-Jeans-CP1933089-1010?psrc=browse:apparel:denim:straight (3) https://www.justfab.com/products/Sophia-Embellished-Flat-Sandal-FA1933955-0206?psrc=

Look 9 : Day at the Office (ugh)

Curse those who make us work during the summer, but you might as well look good doing it. Dress up your white jeans with a striped button-down blouse and a pair of stylish black loafers. It’s quite possible you look so good that your boss lets you off early…

(1) https://www.justfab.com/products/Relaxed-Printed-Button-Down-Shirt-WT1832312-4010?psrc=browse:apparel:tops:shirtsblouses (2) https://www.justfab.com/products/Belted-Wide-Leg-Crop-Jeans-CP1933089-1010?psrc=browse:apparel:denim:straight (3) https://www.justfab.com/products/Kris-Loafer-Flat-FT1721259-0395?psrc=

Look 10 : Let’s Go Party

Last but not least, you’ll need an outfit for all those parties you get invited to this summer. Stand out with this spunky rainbow top, paired with your white jeans and adorable pink heels. Dance the night away and make sure to leave some Advil out for the morning. 😉

(1) https://www.justfab.com/products/Stripe-Easy-Tank-Top-WT1934481-2037?psrc=browse:apparel:tops:Best-Sellers (2) https://www.justfab.com/products/Belted-Wide-Leg-Crop-Jeans-CP1933089-1010?psrc=browse:apparel:denim:straight (3) https://www.justfab.com/products/Ayva-Block-Heel-Pump-PP1933825-7410?psrc=

So, ya… These jeans can basically do it all. Now, go off and make yo self all cute and summery. And don’t worry, the pants along with the rest of the outfits are linked below each look.

Be sure to post your outfit to instagram with the hashtag #justfabsummer so that we can see you rock it in the real world. xx

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