The Stars And Shoes Align: Your May Shoe Horoscope

1st May 2019 / By Alison Nadel

Bright and cheery days are abundant this month with stylish and fun sandals of all kinds ready to carry you forth. Scroll below to see what the cosmos have in store for your May shoedrobe.

Taurus: Zoe
It’s your birthday month, Taurus! Since it’s all about you, it only makes sense that you opt for a floral d-Orsay pump to steal the spotlight. New people and new opportunities lie ahead. Keep an open mind and remember to weigh all options and outcomes before choosing your path.

Gemini: Hallie
Money’s on your mind and since money is a big motivator for you, it’s time to strategize a game plan that will bring about the best possible outcome. Making a list of daily goals is a great way to work towards one larger goal. Think big, work hard, and remain focused. These espadrille flatforms are both stylish and practical, perfect for keeping you on your toes.

Cancer: Noura
May marks a challenging month for you, both in your career and social life. Take this challenge in stride. The process of working through tough situations brings about great learnings that make you more enlightened and prepared for what’s to come. Try these cheery polka dot sandals for a dose of happiness on your journey!

Leo: Bea
Your social group is growing vibrant with friends both old and new. Say yes to adventure in the coming days and enjoy this playful time. These metallic slides are perfect for a fuss-free, on-the-go look.

Virgo: Makemba
You’ve been stuck in the same routine and it’s time to step outside your comfort zone in order to achieve new goals. Take a bold step in a new direction, starting with these lemon print block heels.

Libra: Sonya
Romantic sparks are flying this month. Keep an open mind and an open heart and you might be surprised with the chemistry that unfolds between you and someone new in your life. These lilac block heel mules are both feminine and understated, perfect for a first date.

Scorpio: Let’s Dance
With spring in full, vibrant bloom, there’s a lot to gain from being out in nature. An embellished flat sandal like this is perfect for a casual day outside. Let go of your stress and seek out a sense of calm that will help deliver a fresh perspective.

Sagittarius: Ginger
This will be a challenging time for both romance and career, making it a time better spent with family and close friends. Emotions are high but this sensitive period will pass. In the meantime, step into these gingham flatforms and lay low with the fam.

Capricorn: Aleeza
As the most ambitious sign in the zodiac. it’s no surprise that you’re feeling as inspired as ever. You’ve got new goals in place, and a strategy to follow. First, let’s not forget a sensible a sophisticated loafer like Aleeza to accompany you along the way!

Aquarius: Lacey
You’re in a playful mood at the moment and these carefree times will only continue. Relish in this splendor with pink polka dot heels and watch the sparks fly. Perhaps a spring fling lies ahead!

Pisces: Rissa
Congrats, Pisces! May brings about great financial success and you’re due to celebrate! For starters, nothing gets the party started quite like these sunny yellow platform wedges! Count your blessings, and remember to put some aside for a rainy day! (Or maybe just for more shoes, we won’t judge!)

Aries: Abigail
It’s a busy time with both your career and social life running at full speed. A stylish and comfortable metallic sandal is just what you need to keep up. With your continued hard work and positive energy, you’re sure to be rewarded in both areas of your life.

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