Our Top 6 Looks From This Year’s Met Gala: CAMP

7th May 2019 / By Alexis Teeling

The Met Gala is the pinnacle of fashion. It’s the most fantastical display of creative opulence to grace a red carpet or runway all year, and with the theme of this year’s gala being Camp, we expected nothing less. The theme was inspired by an essay written by Susan Sontag titled Notes on “Camp.” To put it simply, the spirit of Camp is birthed from extravagance, less sensibility and refinement, more STATEMENT.  Now, let’s get into some of our favorite looks of the night!

Lady Gaga in not one, but four Brandon Maxwell designs. She opened the Gala with a nearly 15-minute performance, stripping off one look after the other. It was a spectacle reminiscent of early Gaga, and one that only she could pull off in true Camp form. The first look was a parachute-like silhouette complete with an oversized hair bow. From there, each look got more minimal until she was down to her lingerie, 10-inch platform boots and all!

Emily Ratajkowski leaving us breathless in Peter Dundas. This look was inspired by the very famous gown and headpiece designed by Bob Mackie and worn by Cher. The exaggerated headpiece and revealing silhouette represented Camp exquisitely, and of course, we love to see iconic looks reimagined on the red (or in this case, pink) carpet.

Ciara is a vision in emerald, designed by Peter Dundas. The big hair was a clear nod to Diana Ross and completed this look beautifully. There was so much detail to take in––the contrasting tulle, beading, and feathers. It was both opulent and playful.

Kendall Jenner as a feathered goddess in Versace. Feathers were a common element in many of the designs we saw from this year’s Gala, but few as striking as this vibrant orange number. The gown itself was elegant in silhouette yet campy in the way the feathers stood vertically around her head and trailed down just one side of her arm. This arrangement took an otherwise high-fashion gown and gave it a very Vegas “showgirl” vibe. In this way, it really appealed to the nature of this year’s theme.

Celine Dion in 22 pounds of dazzling beadwork designed by Oscar de la Renta. This look took over 3,000 hours to create and included 18 panels of hand-beaded embroidery. As if the sparkling beaded fringe wasn’t statement enough, the peacock-like headpiece certainly added the finishing touch.

Laverne Cox in Christian Siriano. We’re so in love with the way these dramatically oversized ruffles frame her face, showcasing her stunning and playful makeup. The bold colors stand out so vividly against the backdrop of jet-black beadwork, making it one of the most statuesque looks of the night.

There were so many gorgeous and ostentatious designs from this year’s Met Gala that it was honestly hard to stop at just 6. Let us know in the comments below what you thought of this year’s theme, Camp, and share with us some of your favorite looks.

Images courtesy of Getty Images.

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