Best Nail Trends For Summer

16th May 2019 / By Guest Contributor

Graphic line art and rainbow nails are just two of the hottest nail trends taking over this summer. This season, we are all about fun colors and chic designs. Dare to be extra and add stickers, better yet, opt for a jelly nail to spice things up. Scroll down to see how you can spice up your mani-pedi!

Rainbow Manicure

Why choose one color when you can have the whole rainbow?!  Multi-colored nails are the latest beauty trend flooding Instagram feeds. Stick to just one color scheme for an ombre effect or mix and match with different shades if you’re feeling extra.

Graphic Line Art

Graphic line art is a chic and minimalist way to add character to your manicure. This Picasso-like manicure will instantly dress up a simple nail. The design can easily be achieved using tape or a striper brush. Add a slick horizontal or vertical stripe to your nail or play around with bright colors to add dimension.


Summer is the time to transition from pastel hues to bright and playful colors. Highlight your mani-pedi with a bright neon yellow or vibrant pink shade. If you’re feeling daring, mix an array of neon colors to add personality to your look.

Nail Stickers

Hand painted nail art can be tedious and costly, and honestly, who has the time. Stickers are the easiest way to achieve this look from home. The sticker options are endless, just select your favorite, top It with a clear coat and voila!

Jelly Manicure

The clear nail trend will leave all your friends jelly. (Pun intended.) Jelly nails are channeling 90s nostalgia and we’re totally here for it!  The clear nails are reminiscent of the jelly shoes trend we have all known and loved. This look is achieved by applying a clear tip to the nail then sculpting it with hard gel and finishing it with a sheer polish. 

Leave a comment below and lets us know which trend you’re loving this season!

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