The Stars And Shoes Align: Your March Shoe Horoscope

1st Mar 2019 / By Guest Contributor

Shake off those winter blues and welcome the sun with spring’s most beloved styles, chosen specifically for you and your cosmic path for March.


PISCES:  Louana

Stay on your toes this month Pisces, and do so stylishly with these floral western boots. March is a creative month for you, charge forward with your ideas and passions. You might be surprised with what rewards may unfold.


ARIES: Block Party

You’re a natural leader, but with overwhelming responsibility your focus may become blurred. Be conscious of your communications this month and work towards one thing at a time. These block heel sandals are just the versatile style you need to get the job done.


TAURUS: Denene

With spring comes transformation and despite your affinity towards comfort, it’s time to shake things up a bit. Step into these flirty shooties and move forwards with new prospects, opportunities, and adventures.



Say yes to these fun and fearless mules, for the path to prosperity is just ahead! Communication is your strong point Gem, use this to position yourself as a leader in your field. Take the lead on new projects and in turn, you’ll shine!


CANCER:  Jalisah

Be purposeful with your decisions this month. Release what no longer “sparks joy” and bring in things that do…like these cute lace-up block heel sandals. Now is the time to find your calling and seek it out.


LEO: Julianne

Take a stroll in these chic sneakers. It might be a good time to reflect on your current relationships and/or situations. Everything that glitters isn’t always gold. Trust your instincts and be true to you, regardless of outside chatter.



Your social life is in full bloom as spring draws near. Jump into the action with these flirty heeled sandals. You’ll find that a little fun with friends will lead to a harmonious work/life balance.


LIBRA: Fashion & Function

Balance is your strong suit, but this month, it’s time to draw your focus inward and focus on personal growth. Unplug and find time for yourself. Perhaps these pretty lace-ups will inspire you.



Home is where the heart is. Spend some time curating your environment. Organize your wardrobe, (make room for these cute heels) decorate, and light some candles. Once you find your zen, you’ll find your focus.


SAGITTARIUS: On The Road Again

Any problems or frustrations you’ve been dealing with are now resolved and you’re ready to kick up your cowboy boots and celebrate. This month sparks a newfound optimism and joyful outlook. Go you!



You’ve been working yourself into the ground. Take a step back and you might see things from a new perspective…in turn bringing about a positive change you didn’t know you needed. These textured pumps just might be a step in the right direction.


AQUARIUS: Weekend Plans

Your intuitive energies are strong, like your instinct to snag these trendy flatforms. Okay, but seriously, you’re feeling very confident. You know what you want and it’s time to go for it. Spring will bring about a great deal of success and unexpected opportunity.


Share in the comments below and let us know if your shoe horoscope was spot in this month. Tag us on the Gram @JustFabOnline or #JustFabStyle to show off your fave JF looks!

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