Your Stars And Shoes Align: Your February Horoscope

31st Jan 2019 / By Guest Contributor

Love is in the air regardless of your relationship status. Love for yourself, for your friends, and for your family. The February cosmos have brought perspective on these relationships and a little bit of style and fun by the way of shoes! Scroll below to find your monthly match and see what’s in store for your love life this month!

AQUARIUS: Berenice

You’ll be the center of attention this month Aquarius so make it worth your while with these denim open toe booties. Old and new flames have their eye on you. Take the time to reflect on past errors and learn from them before jumping into something new.


PISCES: Take My Number Block Heeled Sandal

Your career is running smoothly, allowing you free time to spend reconnecting with your closest girlfriends. Live in the moment and cherish the bonds you are building. The time of your life is upon you this month! First, start with these chic ankle tie booties.


ARIES: Can’t Be Tamed

You’re a loyal friend, Aries and this month, your support and advice will be greatly needed. Step into this eye-catching open toe bootie and inspire your friend-in-need to have a little fun.


TAURUS: Can’t Look Away

Your desirability knows no bounds this month. You’ve got more than one secret admirer and you must choose between them before feelings are hurt and friendships are broken. Own your confidence in these cutout heeled sandals, and follow your intuition to true happiness.


GEMINI: Keira Multi Strap Heeled Sandal

It’s time for something new, Gemini! Time for adventure and romance. Take a trip somewhere you’ve never been and see what the unknown has in store for you. An unexpected romance is waiting just around the corner. Prepare with these sexy heeled sandals.


CANCER:  Modern Prep Oxford Flat

A difficult change is ahead, and with that comes rebirth. You’re outgrowing a current relationship and it’s time to close that chapter and trust your feelings to lead you in the right direction. Walk into a fresh era with these chic lace-up oxfords.


LEO: Monika

You’re in a self-love phase this month. You’re deepening your connection to yourself, what you want for the future, and who you want in your life. Romantic relationships and friendships will grow stronger than ever during this time. Embrace this love and treat yourself with this floral print pump.


VIRGO: Girl With Options Mule

Work has consumed you, but this month, it’s time to unplug and indulge in some much-needed self-care. Step into these stylish and versatile heeled sandals and take a solo stroll for some peace and clarity. You have to take care of yourself before you can care for others.


LIBRA: Striped & Sassy

February is all about fun and pleasure. You’re in love with LOVE! Dance, party, indulge in the joyous friendships and relationships that surround you. The people in your life will come together in perfect harmony. Throw a party for everyone and take center stage in these flirty open toe sandals.


SCORPIO: Time to Strut

Your focus this month is close to home. Spending intimate, one-on-one time with your significant other is important in rekindling the romance. Do something spontaneous together, and let your guard down. They’re sure to have eyes for you in these backless heeled booties.



You’re feeling light-hearted and flirty. Take your look to the next level with these strappy heeled sandals and go on a few dates. Dinner, movies, good conversation– love and lust are sure to follow, remember to discern the two.



You’re coming out of an incompatible relationship and need time to reflect and heal. Now is the time to think honestly about the qualities you look for in a relationship and move slowly with the people that come into your life. Keep a steady but stylish pace in these studded loafers.


Find your perfect match? Share in the comments below and let us know!

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