The Stars and Shoes Align: Your January Horoscope

1st Jan 2019 / By Guest Contributor

The new year has begun and it’s time to start fresh. Take inventory of the lessons and experiences you had in 2018 and think about how those may apply or affect you in the year ahead. It’s important to set goals for yourself, to put to paper your plans and dreams and then to make them a reality. For a little head start on your dream chasing each day, the cosmos have sent the perfect shoe for the job. Scroll below to meet your match.



You can be a bit of a workaholic, Capricorn, but remember to find a balance. Let go of self-punishing habits, and allow yourself some free time to unwind and have fun. Step into these fun and functional open toe booties and hit the town.



Rain or shine, finding the positive is never hard for you. Your sunny outlook will serve you well this month as your hard work and preparation in your career will lead to new opportunities. Try this stylish rain boot that’s cute enough to wear even when there’s no rain at all.


PISCES: Varela

There’s a lot of excitement and positive change ahead. Your playful nature and good energy will allow you to transition into these changes with ease. Get ready for the path ahead with these versatile riding boots.


ARIES: Madelina

This is a month for laying low and proving yourself through your work. Avoid confrontation and be strategic in your conversations. Steal the shine with your talents and style. Starting with this printed heeled bootie.



The new year has you feeling joyful and social. Dress up and step out in these super cute heeled booties and take on the night with your girls. New relationships and friendships are abound.


GEMINI: Safiya

The holidays have passed and joyous celebrations are behind you. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy the calm of the new year. Let new relationships and opportunities unfold naturally. These faux suede booties are the perfect casual go-to.


CANCER: Jenice

Just when you thought the chaos of the holidays were behind you, life begins to pick up speed again. Don’t get flustered, take it in stride. The quick start to the new year will set the pace for productive weeks ahead and high reward. Keep up with it all in these warm and cozy sweater-cuff boots.


LEO: Serova

You may be feeling challenged in every corner this month. Instead of reacting, take a step back and examine why people are responding to you in this way. Take a neutral stance in these neutral booties, and reassess the situation.


VIRGO: Boranna

Inspiring and motivating conversations are abundant this month. Relish in these wheel-turning interactions and think about the growth you look to achieve in the coming year. Perhaps these camo combat boots are just what you need to pave the way.


LIBRA: Joran

Balance is your forte, Libra. Channel this strength in the coming month as your work load begins to grow. Remember to unplug and have fun, especially in cute boots like these. You might be surprised by how productive you are after some time away.


SCORPIO: Dancing Queen

Your love life is on fire this month! Have fun, and take your time mingling in these fierce and sexy lace-up booties. The right one is just around the corner…



Stand out in the crowd this month with chic, colorblock booties that are perfect for day or night. January is an ideal time for you to socialize and network. Your superiors will see you in a more positive light when they get to know you better on a personal level!

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