The Stars And Shoes Align: Your December Shoe Horoscope

1st Dec 2018 / By Guest Contributor

Celebrate the holidays and the last month of the year with the perfect shoes, the pair that perfectly complements all that the cosmos have in store for you in the coming weeks. See below to find your December sole mate!



Embrace your fun-loving nature this month, Sagittarius. It’s time to mix and mingle with your closest friends and family. Start the party with these fun colorblock booties that are bound to turn a few heads.


CAPRICORN: Kristiann

Creative opportunities within your career are abundant this month. Be vocal about your ideas and put forth your best effort. These sweater-cuff boots are just what you need to get the job done.



Stay versatile with your activities. Try new things and give yourself the chance to stumble upon a new hobby or skill you never knew you had. These chic booties will go with anything you’ve got planned.


PISCES:  Lyssa

Channeling your creativity isn’t an issue, what you need is to strategize and steer it in the direction of your benefit. Step into these glamorous pumps and pave the way for your success by setting specific goals and calculate each move you’ll have to take in order to get there.


ARIES: Hazelle

An old relationship may resurface this month, but it’s important to remember how far you’ve come. Snag this chic and sophisticated bootie and keep pushing forward. Remember, retail is the best kind of therapy.


TAURUS: Vivica

A change is coming this month. Be it a career move, a breakup, or a new apartment. You’ve come to a realization and you’re ready to move on. Take the first step with a practical and stylish riding boot like Vivica.



Whether you’re single or attached, love, lust, and passion is abundant in your relationship and/or dating life this month, Gemini. Catch his eye and hold his attention with these fierce and sexy little red booties.


CANCER:  Olivette

There’s some uncertainty this month. Perhaps you’re not sure what the new year will bring, or how you feel about where you stand now. Remember to focus on the present and take each challenge and opportunity as it comes. These heeled booties will bring you easy style while you stay focused.


LEO: Piya

The holidays are here and your schedule is jam packed with parties and family get-togethers. Stress less with transitional style that can take you from here to there and everywhere in between. Start with these cute heeled boots that can be dressed up or down.


VIRGO: Ellentine

Money’s on the mind this month, and it’s a good time to examine your spending and saving methods. Seek quality over quantity, and save for the bigger picture. All you need is a warm, cozy boot like Ellentine.


LIBRA: Kaydra

You’ve worked hard all year and you’re starting to feel unnoticed by your superiors. Take matters to new heights with these sophisticated heeled boots that are sure to get you noticed while also boosting your confidence.


SCORPIO:  Sumita

You’re finally at a place of calm contentment. You’re proud of all the year has brought you and now you’re ready for some relaxation. These laidback cream boots are perfect for your effortless vibes this month.

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