Your Stars and Shoes Align: Your November Horoscope

1st Nov 2018 / By Guest Contributor

Hello, holiday season! Whether you’ve got parties, family dinners, or outings with friends, we’ve got the perfect boots, booties, and heels for the occasion. Don’t believe us? Peep your horoscope now and see for yourself!

LIBRA: Richelle

As a gifted and organized planner, Libra, now is a good time to write our your goals and focus on what lies ahead for both your work and personal life. Stay on track with these practical yet stylish sweater-cuff riding boots.


Take the time this month to reflect on the people in your life. As the holidays inch closer, make sure to spend time with the people who actually make you feel good about yourself. Celebrate and show your appreciation for them while you hit the town in these stiletto heeled booties.


Switch up your strategy this month. Sure, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but try a little finesse with your negotiations. Don’t be afraid to be sweet and butter up your superiors. You just might get what you want…like these super cute block heel booties.


As the end of the year draws closer, people get busier and more sidetracked. Take the time to show your friends you’re present and want to be there for them. Plan a friends-giving or a weekend away with your besties. Oh, and don’t forget to pack these statement plaid loafers.


Step outside your comfort zone and you might be surprised where life takes you. Success lies ahead and you can’t be afraid to reach for it. Explore the job market, see what else is out there. Take the first leap in these casual and cool lace-up riding boots.

PISCES: Nyaling

If there’s something you’ve been longing for, now is the time to make it happen. Steer your enthusiasm in the direction of your dreams. Take the trip, make the move, and do so in these cozy and practical lace-up boots.

ARIES: Besha

You may feel some growing pains in various areas of your life. It’s time for a change. A new outlook and/or approach will reap positive rewards. Spice things up with the help of these floral print booties.

TAURUS: Matina

These boots were made for walking, and this month, it’s time to walk away from negative relationships. You can only give people and situations so many chances. Recognize your efforts and realize when it’s time to move on.


You’re on the cusp of greatness. Stay focused, act with purpose, and you will achieve the success you’ve been working so hard for. Celebrate with these glamourous embellished pumps.


Whatever strain or sadness you’ve been feeling will soon dissipate as someone or something new is about to come into your life and change it for the better. Be ready with these versatile and classic booties.

LEO: Clea

Time for a new setting. A change in environment is just what you need for a more positive outlook. Hit the road with your significant other and see what new adventure lies ahead. First, step into these sleek and functional riding boots.

VIRGO: Kristian

Work always comes first for you, Virgo. Remember, you’re better focused when you have balance in your life. It’s time to unplug and have some fun with friends. Snag these heeled tall boots and go out for happy hour, or see a movie.

Tell us what you thought of this month’s shoe horoscope in the comments below. And if you feel like sharing your look with us, be sure to #JustFabStyle on Instagram!

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