Your Stars and Shoes Align: Your October Horoscope

17th Oct 2018 / By Guest Contributor


Fall is finally here and exciting new prospects are in store for you. First, find the shoe that you were destined for this season, and good fortune is likely to follow!


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VIRGO: Girona – Cognac

Fall is in full swing, Time to re-energize your social and work life. Start with this fierce heeled boot that can do both!


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LIBRA: Carissa – Taupe

Be it a friend in need or a work dilemma, you will rise to the occasion and help greatly. These fun and functional lace-ups are the perfect boot for the job.



SCORPIO:  Eliana – Burgundy

There’s no better time to take the lead in both your career and personal life. Let your confidence shine with the help of these classic and cute faux suede booties.



SAGITTARIUS: Sheba – Black

Stay focused on your goals and don’t let outside influences deter you from your path. Push forward in style with these printed buckle booties.




You may feel a bit overwhelmed this month. Remember Capricorn, planning and organizing are your strengths. In the end, your hard work will be rewarded. Start with these block heel booties.



AQUARIUS: Keswick – Burgundy

Take a break from work and social obligations to recalibrate before the season really picks up. Let these stylish and comfortable riding boots lead the way.



PISCES:  Mariah – Cognac

A creative spark has been lit and you’re about to tap into a new skill or talent you didn’t know you had. New opportunities are on the horizon. Step into these embellished booties and see what’s in store for you.



ARIES: Cayte – Grey

If you’ve been feeling out of place or a little frazzled, rest easy because October will bring you the reprieve you’ve been looking for. Starting with this lush sweater-cuff boot.



TAURUS: Debbonie – Caramel

You’re feeling fearless and in the mood for new sights, friends, and experiences. Take a trip to a new city or go on a few dates. The possibilities are endless with these over-the-knee boots.



GEMINI: Ribonea- Bone

Time to put plans in motion and take the lead with projects that have been brewing. All eyes are on you this month, so put your best foot forward in this lace-up heeled bootie.



CANCER: Mina – Cognac

Romance is ahead for you. Be it the rekindling of a current flame or the spark of a new one. Take a spontaneous approach and see where it takes you. Let this faux leather riding boot be your go-to.



LEO: Berah – Black/White

It’s a lighthearted and playful time for you, Leo. You’re not taking yourself too seriously, you’re meeting new people and ready to try new things. Why not add a splash of plaid to your look to top it all off!


Tell us what you thought of your October shoe horoscope in the comments below, and don’t forget to share your look with us on the Gram using the #JustFabStyle!


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