Up Close & Personal with Jessie James Decker!

29th Oct 2018 / By Guest Contributor

We had a blast shooting our fall campaign with country singer Jessie James Decker. Sure, she was posing alongside horses, modeling our latest boots, and changing from outfit to outfit. Truth is, all the fun took place in the makeup chair! It was here that we got the lowdown on how she does it all. From tips on motherhood to date night style advice, we asked, she shared.

JF: It’s date night with your hubby, what do you wear?

JJD: Black leggings, these cute leopard print loafers I have, a crisp white V-neck tee with a leather jacket and a beanie or fedora if they allow hats.

JF: What are 3 pairs of boots every mom should have.

JJD: Not just moms, every WOMAN should have black thigh high boots. They go with everything! Some flat, comfy boots. I just throw those on when taking the kids to school. And third: a little ankle bootie… Almost like a cowboy bootie to spice things up and add a little southern flair, which you know I love!

JF: What are 3 tips you can share on motherhood?

JJD: My first one would be to just get off your phone and spend time with your kid. I know it’s so hard with social media, but just give your baby your full-on attention. My second would be to get an SUV with a DVD player in the back. I know when we take long trips in the car that really saves them from going crazy! My third would be to make something with your child. Cooking, baking– I love to bake chocolate chip cookies with my daughter.

JF: How do you balance everything you have going on?

JJD: I have 3 babies so it’s definitely a challenge. If there’s a job that’s going to keep me from spending time with my babies, I just say no. I think it’s important to remember to put them first.

Share in the comments below and tell us how you’re prepping for fall and boot season!

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