Women’s Equality Day: Meet The Jeaniuses

23rd Aug 2018 / By Guest Contributor

In honor of Women’s Equality Day, meet 5 women whose hard work and success has inspired us to highlight their journey…

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Martie Haselton, Professor of Psychology and Communication at UCLA, author of “Hormonal” 

Adaptive decision maker, researching the effects of women’s hormone cycles, author of Hormonal.

My Jeanius is challenging stereotypes about women.

  1. What did you want to be as a child?

An astronaut or a veterinarian. I also wanted to play the drums in a band! 

  1. Tell us a fun fact about you as a scientist?

I thought arguing was only a lawyer’s thing. Scientists argue a lot, and I have certainly found myself to be involved in some controversies that required honing my skills in debate. Ultimately, my goal is to get at the best understanding of the truth, whatever it might be, whether politically correct or not.

  1. What piece of advice will you give your younger self?

Oh wow, to be more confident, and not be held back by concerns about what others may think. I’m very fortunate to have had the incredible opportunities life has presented to me, although there are more chapters to write.

  1. What advice would you give to another woman whose told “oh you’re just pms-ing?”

Women might very well have a reason for being upset about something. It’s up to a woman to understand and respect that her hormonal nudges might be the reasons behind them, and whether to embrace or ignore them. I believe that understanding ourselves helps us make the most informed decisions — including about how to ride our hormonal waves. 

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Betty LaMarr, Founder & CEO at Empowher Institute 

Coach and mentor, passionate about helping women help others.
My Jeanius is bringing people together and giving them opportunities to give back.

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I came from a family of 8. I’m the 7th child. I was able to overcome the troubles of my teen pregnancy and still became the first one in my family to graduate college. I worked in tech where I started a successful path in my career.

  1. What propelled you after high-school?

As a teen mom you think you have all the disadvantages, everything is working against you. That’s what motivated me. I wanted to give my son everything.

  1. What’s in your shoes?

Wow my shoes run 24/7 and that is not a complaint. When I’m supposed to be sleeping I think of the next board room meeting, the next event, the next person I can help.

  1. Let’s talk about confidence

In my mind it’s something we build, something that we feel good about. We’re satisfied when it’s completed. 

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Noramay Cadena, Cofounder & Managing Director at Make in LA

Engineer, founder of a nonprofit, and venture capitalist dedicated to empowering and inspiring underrepresented youth to pursue careers in tech.

  1. What was your childhood dream?

I didn’t quite now what I wanted to do. All  I knew was that I wanted to buy my parents a house. My goal was to work at a place with AC where I could make $10 an hour.

  1. What was your moment? Who told you you can do it?

When I was in high school I had a pivotal moment where someone came to me and said: “You’re really good in math, have you ever thought about engineering? “

  1. Why do you think girls are less likely to get into engineering?

One of the reasons I think young girls are not interested is because they don’t see that in their day-to-day. They may have not had a family member that is in that field. There’s no visibility.

  1. Your daily challenge?

Bias. It’s a pretty male dominant space. It’s hard to get your voice through sometimes. I remember getting to a point where I didn’t know if my input would change my career output.

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Hanna Lim, Founder & President at Lollaland

Mother of three and creator of the Lollacup, featured on Shark Tank.
My Jeanius is working on Lollaland while still being able to pack my kids’ lunches and make dinner every night.

1.Why did you want to design a cup, specifically?

I wanted something chic and easy; a sippy cup that my child can use.

2.You started your business at home. What was that like?

Launching a business while being a stay-at-home mom is not glamorous. It was a lot of hours spent scrambling around trying to write a business plan while my child was napping. Storing A LOT of things in my garage.

3.You were on television show, Shark Tank. Tell us about your experience?

I stood in line for 7 hours, I got through several rounds of interviews and landed a deal with Marc Kuban on Shark Tank. The whole Shark Tank experience was absolutely surreal. My husband told me, “Listen, we’re not here to beg – these are potential business partners, treat them like that.” My hands were shaking holding the sippy cup.

4.Your advice to other moms

If a fellow mom were to ask me how to start a business, I think the biggest piece of advice I could give is to commit and expect sleepless nights. Honestly, you’re not sleeping anyways so you can work on your own brand.

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Claire Wasserman, Founder & Director of Programming at Ladies Get Paid

A career coach fighting for equal pay and helping women everywhere.
My Jeanius is helping women rise up in the workplace.

  1. Your childhood dream?

My childhood dream was to be either a diplomat or an actress. Honestly, I feel like I’ve achieved both!

  1. Why do you think women are uncomfortable talking about money?

First, it’s taboo in general for people to talk about money. But for for women in particular, given that historically we weren’t expected to be the primary breadwinners (though of course the reality is, that for many women they had to be by circumstance), we also weren’t expected to talk about it. We tended to leave that to our husbands. In fact, it wasn’t until recently (1974!) that women could even get a credit card in their own name!

  1. Your go-to tip?

Be kind to everyone, you never know where they may end up. Relationships are everything in business.

  1. Have you ever experienced Impostor syndrome?

I have and I still do. Progress isn’t linear. Don’t beat yourself up over things. You have to be present – be in the moment, learn, get out of your head. Life is not a pass/fail test.  

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