Your Stars And Shoes Align: Your August Horoscope

25th Jul 2018 / By Guest Contributor

It’s the last month of summer, make it count with these dreamy new shoes just waiting to sweep you away to your next adventure. Scroll below to see what the cosmos have in store for you…



This is a very happy and romantic period for you, Gemini. Now is the perfect time for entertaining and hosting, and what better shoe for the occasion than these heels?! (We know you love the spotlight!)


CANCER: Everyday Cool

It’s a green month for you, girl. And by that, we mean prosperous! 60% of the planets are in your house of money. Now is a good time to invest in the things you’ve been saving for or putting off. Oh, and don’t forget to treat yourself to these floral beauties. (They were meant for you!)


LEO:  Raney

These chic and functional booties came at the right time, Leo. August is the time for traveling, pampering yourself, and living your best life. Luck and fortune are on your side as Mercury, the financial planet moves into your house of money until the 27^th^. Relish in this prosperous period!


VIRGO: Gemma

This is a very spiritual month for you. Take some time to center yourself and re-connect with your significant other. The summer has been a whirlwind, and now you are ready to slow things down a bit. Step into this neutral heel that’s perfect for casual strolls or picnics in the park.



You’re feeling very social this month, so expect to meet new friends and potentially a new love interest. Say “yes” to a night out or host a party for you and your friends. You never know what could happen. Need something to wear? Start with these sexy snake print booties!


SCORPIO: Eye Catcher

You deserve these cute mules, and you’ll soon see why! Your career is about to blossom this month. The demands may be high, but your hard work will pay off. Be confident and go after what you want. You won’t be disappointed!



You’ll have every reason to rock these printed block heel sandals this month, as August will bring you a strong sense of confidence and power. Expect both your career and personal life to be happy and prosperous as multiple planets move through your 9^th^ house, the house of prosperity.



If you’ve been feeling a lack of confidence or clarity in your personal life, you’ll be happy to hear that August will bring relief and resolution to matters of the heart. This is a great time for personal growth and self-connection. Start by treating yourself with these glam metallic pumps, and we’re sure a boost of confidence will follow!


AQUARIUS: Life is a Runway

Your love life will be in perfect harmony this month, and you may find yourself longing for a romantic getaway or even just some time off to spend with your partner. Single? You won’t be for long, as your attraction is at an all-time high. Relish in this blissful time with these versatile and chic heeled riding boots.


PISCES: Seraphina

August is a month of great health for you. Be it a diet regimen, anxiety, or any other health/lifestyle issue – you can expect it to improve greatly. This will lead to a stronger work ethic and focus. Call attention to your professional prowess with these fierce and sophisticated ankle-strap pumps.


ARIES: Makemba

Work hard play hard – this is the motto for August. You’re still enjoying summer and balancing your work and social life with no plans to stop. That’s why this floral heeled sandal is perfect for you. It’s both professional, and playful!


TAURUS: Out West

This is a playful time for you. You’re feeling carefree and joyful with a sense of comfort that you haven’t felt in a while. Indulge a little with these fun and statement western style heeled booties. They’re perfect for your August vibes!


Were your horoscope and solemate spot on?! Let us know in the comments below!

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