How To: Use IG Stories Like A Pro

20th Jul 2018 / By Guest Contributor

Gifs Please

Your pictures are cute and all, but take it one step further with fun, animated gifs to convey emotion. (Have you tried our JustFab gifs yet?!) All you have to do is click the sticker tab in the top right of your screen and click gifs. From there, you can either choose from the gifs that are trending or search your own!

Tag The Squad

Don’t forget to tag your friends with either the “mentions” sticker or type it out with all the fun color choices. You can also click highlight certain words to use more than one color. (Cool, right?!)

Element Of Surprise

Want to give your followers a sneak peek of a recent post on your feed? Fill your screenshot with color as shown below and use the eraser tool to reveal what you’d like!

*Match Your Font Colo*r

Choose from any color in your photo and set your font to match it for a perfectly coordinated aesthetic!

Rainbow Effect

Can’t decide what color to use? How about all of them. Highlight and scroll over the color you want for a rainbow/ombre effect!


Have fun, get creative, and feel free to share your stories with us. (It’s the perfect way to show us your #JustFabStyle!)

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