Battle Of The French Fries: A Showdown Between 5 Chains

13th Jul 2018 / By Guest Contributor

When our team here at JustFab realized 🍟National French Fry Day🍟 was upon us, we couldn’t help but debate which fast food chain had the best fries. So, naturally, we had to put this age-old question to rest and settle the debate once and for all. Is it McDonalds with their classic salty batch, In N Out with their natural potato taste? Well, you’ll have to scroll to find out. (Try not to salivate at the thought of all these delicious fries!)


We rated 5 fast food chain’s fries on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best) and the categories for which we judged were:

  1. Overall Fries
  2. Saltiness
  3. Shape
  4. Taste
  5. Price/Quantity


Coming in at the bottom: Shake Shack

The squiggly shape of these fries was quite popular, but honestly, they lacked flavor almost completely. Sure, we can all salt them to our own desire. But for over $6 for a large fry, we expected more.

Number 2: In N Out

As Californians, it’s almost blasphemy to speak poorly of these fries. After all, this is an LA landmark! BUT, it turns out these never frozen, natural potato tasting fries just don’t hold up compared to the others. Although they are fresh, they lacked flavor and salt.

Number 3: 5 Guys

This fries’ unexpected flavor and shape caught our team off guard the most. Five Guys fries have a very distinct taste that is both saltier than the rest and somehow rich. This left the team a bit divided. (Love ‘em or hate ‘em sort of thing.)

Number 4: Chick Fil A

It came as no surprise when everyone loved these waffle fries. Chick Fil A is known for their relatively fresh, amazing flavor. These fries are both large and extra tasty without being too salty. (You should probably try them…like, today!)

Number 5 Grand Winner: McDonald’s

Drumroll, please! Good ‘ole Mickey D’s came out on top with their tried and true salty fries we grew up on. They’re the right mix of crispy and soft, with a salty taste spread evenly throughout.  And, they’re super cheap!


We hope you guys find time to indulge in your fave fries on this gloriously salty, greasy #NationalFrenchFryDay! Before you hit your nearest drive-thru, be sure to share in the comments below and let us know which ones are your fave or least fave! 🍟

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