Strike A Pose: Instagram Angles 101

29th May 2018

We’ve all had that awkward moment standing in front of the camera for a picture and not knowing exactly how to pose. If you’re on Instagram (of course you are) then you know it’s the best platform for showing off your style, and the perfect pose is key! A good angle projects confidence and builds the appeal of your profile. Take a cue from our #JustFabStyle Stars below and watch the likes roll in!

Amy of @amyjanson, in the Makemba heeled sandal.

A lower angle taken closer to the ground is perfect for making the subject appear taller.

@Ivycoco23 in the Salara heeled boot.

Utilize your surroundings! Ivy is owning this chair with a laidback position and her leg up showcasing the full silhouette of the boot.


The Ultimate Fashionista in the Lasennia sandal.

The non-pose pose. Smiling and appearing candid is always a good look that people can relate to!

Vividly Kafi in the Nastasia Heeled Sandal.

Show off your curves with a ladylike side sit. This angle is also great for the face, emphasizing the jawline and bone structure. (Double-tap worthy!)

@TypicalTahlia_ in the Makemba heeled sandal.

This straight on sitting position is one of our faves. This angle puts you and your style front and center with the camera for an ultra-confident look.


Sierra Schultzzie, of @Schultzzie in the Sanoura heeled sandal.

Wearing a cute summer dress? Show it off with this charming leg up pose!


Share in the comments below and let us know which angles or poses you liked best!

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