Dear Mom: Happy Mother’s Day

13th May 2018 / By Guest Contributor

Ava (2 years old) Daughter of celebrity stylist, Natalie Saidi (pictured below)

Ava is only 2 years old and although she can’t write she’s quite the artist. She loves her mama so much and drew this little art piece for her. Ava was one of the main stars in our Mommy & Me campaign, and without a doubt she’s a little stylist in the making.

Eugénie Grey @feralcreature 

Dear Mom,

I could say some fluffy, happy, one-sided message, but it simply wouldn’t be true. You and I have been through it all, our lives a movie-like drama/horror plot screenwritten by a cosmic joker. I was your first kid; I was your first time ever being a mother. Having to learn those lessons while being essentially kidnapped, being a single mother, and raising me on food stamps in complete isolation probably wasn’t an ideal situation.

But still, you persevered. Every year, I grew to understand your sacrifices and your pain a little more. I just turned 28, almost the age you had my younger sister, and I’m feeling the weight of your past on this day that’s meant for you. It’s a pain that I relish feeling, because with it comes lessons others may never learn their whole lives.

I credit all my strength, tenacity, adaptability, and general badassery solely to you. You are who made me me. I watched you struggle and pick yourself up, over and over again, for this family. I always strive to mirror this courage in my adult life. I won’t let you down.

Thank you for being the best role model I could have.

Ivy Coco

To my Mommy Dearest,

There is no Diva that does it the way you do!

Your class, poise, and radiance light up my life.

If I become half the woman you are, I know I’ll be alright!


Your Diva in Training

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