How Fitness & Self-Love Got Me Back On My Feet – Sierra Nielsen

13th Feb 2018 / By Guest Contributor

Health and wellness didn’t always come naturally to me.  Taking care of myself and putting myself first was never a strong suit of mine. Taking care of others was what I was good at. Then, life threw me my biggest wake-up call…losing my best friend, my mother, to Stage Four Lymphoma. I knew I had two choices– to drown in my grief or pick myself back up and change the story.

So, I did what I knew I had to do. I quit my empty, thankless job in entertainment and embarked on a transformative self-love journey. Learning how to take care of myself for the first time ever is what got me out of a really dark place and I began to realize that in order to help and be there for others, I had to first be there for myself. As I started to truly heal from the inside-out, I committed myself to a life of helping others do the same.

As a personal trainer with a certification in sports nutrition and creator of the project, Your Soul Sexy, (an eight week online self-love workout and nutrition program) I am committed to helping inspire others to live their happiest and healthiest lives from the INSIDE-out. I help teach them how to create a mind, body, and soul transformation with long-term success… and to create the life that they DESERVE!

Without a doubt, if you run into me on the street there’s a 90% chance I am running around in workout gear. Still,  it’s not always easy to find styles that I feel are true to me and won’t break my bank. This is why I am SO excited about Just Fab’s new activewear line! Not only are the styles and designs classy, versatile, and flattering, but they are AFFORDABLE. This is HUGE for a bargain shopper like myself! As I opened my first JustFab box, I immediately fell in love with these pieces.

They’re perfect for working out while also being comfortable and cute enough to wear for lunch dates and running errands!

Thanks to JustFab, you can now look good and feel good with stylish, comfy pieces at the most affordable rate around! Head to now to check it out and sign up!

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