Which Galentine’s Day BFF Are You

9th Jan 2018 / By Guest Contributor

We all know Valentine’s Day and either love it or hate it, but what about Galentine’s Day? This should be a known fact but just in case you somehow missed the news, Galentine’s Day started as a fiction. It was part of a 2010 episode of Parks and Recreation, where Leslie Knope officially created a holiday which well…celebrates the friendship between girlfriends. That’s a holiday we can get behind. Doesn’t matter what your relationship status is – we all get to celebrate Galentine’s Day.

This year, we partnered up with three besties: Ashley Iaconetti, Lauren Iaconetti and Naz Perez. If you’re a reality TV fan you probably already know them, or you may know them from their podcast “I Don’t Get How.” They’re helping us bring you the ultimate Galantine’s day wardrobe at a price you will love. If you and your bestie text, FaceTime and plan your outfits before a night out, then this is for you. Whether you’re the girl who prefers jeans, booties and a leather jacket or like to spice things up in a statement piece, we have just the perfect amount of cuteness, classiness and most of all affordable styles. Now let’s determine which Galentine’s Day gal you are by taking Ashley, Lauren and Naz’s quiz.




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