Downtown Women’s Center X Ashley North X JustFab

20th Dec 2017 / By Guest Contributor

Every year, millions of people travel to spend the holiday season with family, friends and loved ones. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to go home, and even worse, not everyone has a home.

This year, we partnered with celebrity stylist, Ashley North and the Downtown Women’s Center to help women in need by donating clothing, shoes, handbags, and food.  The Downtown Women’s Center was built on a friendship between a homeless woman named Rosa and an outreach worker named Jill Halverson. Their friendship inspired the opening of the center and the establishment of a community through which the lives of women like Rosa could be restored.

We spent a day with celebrity stylist, Ashley North, selecting various clothing items to donate to the center­­–– dresses, blouses, sweaters, coats, shoes and handbags. Ashley, a Seattle native, moved to Los Angeles to pursue her lifelong dream of working in fashion. She’s collaborated with major brands like H&M and her work has graced he pages of Rolling Stone, Complex, Fader, Entertainment Weekly and The Hollywood Reporter. Her passion and dedication to helping the less fortunate is what brought her to the doors of JustFab.

At the Women’s Center the JustFab team and Ashley North spent an afternoon preparing snacks, which were later distributed to all women.  We were able to provide over 120 women with clothing, shoes, handbags and meals.

There are many ways you can help women in need. Whether it’s donating items, preparing food or just a little bit of your time, your help can change the lives of many women.

To learn more on how you can help fight women’s homelessness, visit the Downtown Women’s Center official webpage here.

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