Your Stars and Shoes Align: Your November JustFab Horoscope

1st Nov 2017 / By Guest Contributor

New month, new adventures! See what the cosmos have in store for you with our latest JustFab horoscope sent straight from the shoe guardians of the galaxy. (Hint: it’s a stylish month ahead!)


GEMINI: Malinda

Mars is in your favor when it comes to confidence this month. Embrace your strong self-esteem and take initiative with new work projects and difficult tasks. Oh, and why not let these little velvet booties accompany you on your journey to the top?!



The full moon has you feeling romantic this month. Spend some quality time with your significant other. Single? Ask out the cute guy you’ve been eyeing. The Rue heeled boot should help get you noticed!


LEO: Veira

Love and money is headed your way! What better time to take a romantic trip with your significant other. If you’re single, go with your bestie. You never know who you might meet! Oh, and don’t forget to pack your Veira boots!


VIRGO: Abbie

Expect to experience spiritual and emotional growth throughout this month, with a lucky streak headed your way as well. This makes for a great time to relax and be social. Besides, the Abbie velvet boots beg to be seen. So get out there, Virgo!


LIBRA: Deedee

November will bring you a major sense of duty, making it the perfect time to achieve your goals. Get the ball rolling on that to-do list, and success will come your way. If you need a little something extra to accentuate your force of nature, try these pearl embellished Deedee boots.



Your spirits are high this month, Scorpio. RSVP to the party and don’t forget these scene-stealing red pumps. All eyes are sure to be on you as you confidently spark up conversation with your peers and make new friends.



This month is one of major accomplishment. As you’ve worked hard in both your personal and professional lives, it’s time to destress. Take some much-need time off and treat yourself. Perhaps the Besha jacquard booties are just what you need to brighten your spirit!



It’s a busy time for you, Capricorn. Avoid feeling overwhelmed and overworked by making to-do lists and focusing on time management to ensure you don’t miss any deadlines. Let the stylish, yet totally practical Zinnia boots carry you along the way!



Admiration and attraction are in your court, girl! Relish in the moment with these stunning and strappy Harlow heels. Snap a picture for the gram. You’re sure to get ample likes!


PISCES: Jacinta

You may find your career at an all-time high this month, with your talents gaining some much-deserved recognition. Let the beautiful brocade Jacinta bootie be your stylish motivation behind all that hard work. Cheers to your success, Pisces!



Your spirits and energy may be a little low this month. (Thanks, Jupiter!) To pick up your spirit, try a little retail therapy with these fierce Ivy booties. Sometimes, all you need is a good outfit and even better pair of shoes to turn that frown upside down.



Creativity is at an all-time high for you right now. Don’t let anything slow you down, and let the Kemba booties help you stay chic with each step you take.


Success, love, money– we hope your horoscope was all that you wanted! And what about these shoes?! (Pretty major if you ask us!) Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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