JustFab X Intelligentsia In Celebration Of National Espresso Day

18th Nov 2017 / By Guest Contributor

My name is Sarah Anderson and I am an Educator at Intelligentsia Coffee. We partnered with JustFab in celebration of National Espresso Day, and the different coffee drinks espresso is the base of. My day-to-day job centers around coffee and tea quality. I teach the staff at my coffeebar how to make, taste, and serve coffee. I am also the 2015 United States Brewers Cup Champion. Yep, there are totally competitions and awards for all things related to coffee!



 I’m not really certain what drew me to the coffee industry in the first place, but I did watch a lot of Gilmore Girls, so I think Luke may have had something to do with my career choice. Haha. I’m not sure if it was ever really the coffee that drew me into the industry. It was the environment. It was helping people figure out what they wanted, getting to be a bit creative while making it, and actually deliver the very thing they desired. I grew to love the coffee itself and it is satisfying to work with my hands and create delicious drinks. Plus, I get to taste a lot of great coffees that we sell at Intelligentsia. Not a bad gig.
I’m constantly standing and walking around while I’m at work, so I need clothing that is functional, cute, and comfortable. I wear a lot of denim because it’s durable. I like to pair jeans with a cute top and some comfortable flats. My work wardrobe is what I like to call “country club chic”: blue stripes, lots of white, collared shirts, all simple, and elegant. I sometimes get to travel for coffee competitions and like to dress a little more girly when I’m on the road, throwing in a cute dress or skirt whenever possible.
What is your go to coffee drink? Share it with us in the comments below.
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