Our Stars and Shoes Align: Your October JustFab Horoscope

1st Oct 2017 / By Guest Contributor

October has arrived, and a fresh path has been laid out before us with cosmic sparks waiting to be ignited by new loves, new career opportunities, and new shoes! That’s right, find your sign below and see the shoe that will lead you to your destiny.

Gemini: Delphyne

Romance is on the line this month, Gemini. It’s time to rev up your love life, and what better to do the trick than these fiery hot Delphyne booties. Avoid difficult conversations and try to keep an open mind as to welcome peace and harmony on the relationship front.

Cancer: Mazie

This is the month for major career moves and contemplation. If you’ve been considering a new job opportunity or have been thinking about asking for a raise, now is the time! Let these chic faux suede booties serve as a stylish staple that guides you successfully from work to play. Because success starts with a good shoe!

Leo: Loreida

Your planetary power is located in the House of Family this month, making it a time where family concerns and emotional matters take center stage. Make it a point to spend time with your loved ones or check in with them via phone if you live afar. Want to treat yourself amidst this time of giving? Do so with these stunning brocade booties, guaranteed to bring you joy as you take the time to care for the needs of others! Hey, life’s about give and take, right?!

Virgo: Phelan

Relationships are in limbo this month, Virgo, but not to worry, now is the time to swing in favor of fun rather than commitment. Go out with friends, put yourself first. What could be better than that?! Perhaps these bold boots in a rich and sexy hue! Trust, they’re sure to help you take charge of your social life and bring the good times your way.

Libra: Leona

With the Solar Eclipse coming into play on the 3rd, now is the time for introspection. Your ruling planet, Venus, will assist you in challenging your own longtime beliefs in a positive way. Make the mental move towards a more positive outlook and put your best foot forward with the Leona over-the-knee boot. I mean, really, this faux suede fantasy of a boot will do most of the work for you!

Scorpio: Freya

The House of Self is powerful this month, Scorpio. Your way is the best way; use your autonomy to make decisions that will benefit you. There is no need to compromise your emotions or path based on the whims of others. You do you, girl! Oh, and to help with a little girl power, is the sky-high Freya boot in full glitter. (Because all that glitters is gold, right…or in this case, silver!)

Sagittarius: Lulu

This will be an energetic month for you, filled with good health and abundance. There’s a lot going on in your personal and professional life, so you’ll need great style that can keep up with your swift moves. Lucky for you, the stars have put the Lulu boot in your path; she’s yours for the taking, and this month’s fast pace will surely benefit. (These boots were made for walkin’!)

Capricorn: Saige

Money and luck are in your favor this month, so proceed accordingly with work projects and financial matters. Now would be a good time to set up your 401K or consider a new business venture. First step? New shoes! Nothing says style and success quite like this embroidered bootie.

Aquarius: Oralee

Due to the impact of both eclipses this month, you will notice the onset of an “out with the old, in with the new” mentality. Embrace the changes headed your way and adopt a more efficient and positive routine in your daily life. The world is your oyster…you just have to crack it open! To get you started, the Oralee boot is ready to turn things up a notch and set you on the right track!

Pisces: Latrice

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or just casually dating, the flames of desire are ignited this month! Take some quality with your significant other and relish in the rekindled romance. These dreamy velvet booties should help fan the flame!

Aries: Aubra

You’ve been busy, Aries girl, time to shut off from the fast pace routine you’ve been running and set aside some time for a little R&R. Kick your boots up with Aubra, and enjoy a much-needed break in style!

Taurus: Norelle

Ruffle a few feathers, steal the spotlight in the Norelle boot! This month is your time to shine, as all eyes will be on you, and in the best way possible. Walk tall and embrace this new-found confidence!

What’d you think of your cosmic sole-mate this month?! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. May good vibes and even better shoes come your way for October!

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