Introducing JustFab x @stylelvr: Our Collaboration with Celebrity Stylist Lo VonRumpf

25th Oct 2017

Did you hear? JustFab has partnered with the ahhhmazing celebrity stylist LoVonRumpf (AKA @stylelvr on Instagram) … and our JustFab x @stylelvr collection was born! Lo told us he’s super excited to partner with JustFab because we have his favorite runway trends and staple closet pieces easily accessible—so he can always keep his clients looking stylish and fashion forward.

Lo is a guy who loves options, an admitted old soul who grew up watching classic movies and listening to the greats like Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Dean Martin. This era continues to inspire a lot of his looks, from everyday casual and work to the red carpet.

Lo has been styling for eight years and he’s always had an obsession with clothing and shoes. He feels like shoes can either make or break the look! One of his style secrets? Being able to have an amazing look that doesn’t break the bank. And that’s where his partnership with JustFab comes in! Lo told us, “JustFab is the best because I can get plenty of different colors and styles that keep my clients’ closets fresh and on trend. I truly believe you should put your best foot forward every day. Every day is a new day to show up, and we should all walk through life feeling confident, head held high and on point, as if you are walking in your own personal runway.”

Are you totally loving Lo or what? Shop his whole collection with JustFab here.

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