Freaky Friday (The 13th)

13th Oct 2017 / By Guest Contributor

Happy Friday the 13th! Despite what common misconception, this is actually a very lucky day. It never happens more than 3 times in any calendar year, making it a rare treat worthy of celebration. On this freaky Friday, we decided to do our own rendition of the popular movie and switch our stylist’s fashion personas. See below how the stylists styled each other in ways that were totally opposite of their fashion norm.

Before: Leslie F. @museelle

Leslie’s style persona is the Femme Nouveau. She tends to be drawn to more playful, romantic, and flirty looks. Here she is wearing the Ruffle Sleeve Dress layered with the Military Wool Coat and Kinsey Boot.

After: Styled by Katelyn V. @styledbykatelyn

Katelyn transformed Leslie with the Modern Classic persona, and we’re loving it. This is more of a girly, coy look than she would typically go for. The Oversized Plaid Coat adds a sophisticated and structure finish to the preppy Bow Tie Skater Dress and Hanna Bootie. Clearly, she can pull off any look!

Before: Katelyn V. @styledbykatelyn

Here is Katelyn in her natural Girl Next Door persona. She’s wearing the Lace Up Midi Dress with the Faux Suede Draped Coat and Shylan Bootie for a sophisticated and feminine look.

After: Styled by Leslie F. @museelle

Katelyn’s new Trendsetter personal makeover is clearly a great look on her. We love the clever way Leslie paired the Peplum Lace Blouse under the Herringbone Ruffle Sleeve Dress for an unexpected twist that totally took this look to the next level. And of course, the Madelina Bootie completed the look with a statement metallic finish!

Before: Crystal M. @prettykittyblog

Crystal’s persona is the bombshell. (Obviously!) Here she is in the Lace Up Midi Dress and Freda Bootie.

After: Styled by Sauncia A. @herlife.herjourney

From the Bombshell persona to the Girl Next Door persona, and Crystal is still her confident and ultra-chic self. Seeing her in the Wide Leg Jumpsuit gives her look a more playful and fun vibe.

Before: Sauncia A. @herlife.herjourney

Here is Sauncia playing up her Girl Next Door persona in the Lace-Up Midi Dress and Loreida Booties. Her style is typically fashion-forward, yet totally functional.

After: Styled by Crystal M. @prettykittyblog

And just like that, Sauncia was transformed into the Bombshell persona. The wildly fierce Printed Wrap dress really amps up her entire look, while the Military Coat ties it all together for a structured silhouette we love!

The before or after? We’re dying to know which looks you liked best, so be sure to let us know in the comments below! And if you decide to do a little Friday the 13th switcharoo with your bestie, be sure to show us the style switch-up!

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