Our Stars and Shoes Align: Your September JustFab Horoscope

1st Sep 2017 / By Guest Contributor

Summer has come to an end and we’re now shifting into the fall season, and with that comes a change in our cosmos and a change in our planetary alignment. The best thing for a new month and season is definitely shoes. How else would a cosmic fashionista slay from AM to PM!? Find your sign below and it will lead you to your solemate––the shoe that will guide you through this astrological change in high style!

Virgo- Jacinta

Everything may not be coming up roses for you on the relationship front, so make them come up elsewhere…like with the Jacinta bootie! Perhaps a chic new bootie is all you need to ease rising tensions and calm your frustrations. Remember, everything is better with the right pair of shoes!

Gemini- Eliana

Love and money are on your side this month, Gemini. Take the time to be social and make new friends or go on dates. The best way to do this? With the Eliana boot, of course! A little sheen and an edgy, tough silhouette with a chunky block heel make this style your perfect counterpart.

Cancer- Aryssa

Your creativity is at an all-time high this month. Now is the time to utilize your talents and reap the rewards. Add a little whimsy to this creative period with the Aryssa ruffle boots in gold. Trust us, they’re sure to fuel your inspiration!

Leo- Aynsly

Happiness and optimism come easy to you this month, but don’t let this lead you to careless ways. Remember to stay focused on the tasks and projects at hand. Your positive vibes and hard work will reward you with an even more positive outcome. Let the Aynsly star-print boot accompany you on this fruitful wave. She’s sure to put the stars in your eyes!

Libra- Quintessa

With Mercury in retrograde in the beginning of the month, (of course it is) be sure to take care with your words and avoid confrontation whenever possible. Now is the time to channel harmony and peace in your daily life, and the Quintessa sateen bootie is here to help you do that. With style this good, there’ll be no time for drama!

Scorpio- Mayve

The Sun and Mercury align in the best way for you this month, Scorpio. This is a time for planning and strategy. Set some goals, and be determined in your drive to accomplish them. For this, let the Mayve lace-up bootie be your guide!

Sagittarius- Arlene

Love is in the air for you this month! Say yes to the guy who asks for your number, go on that date…you never know what might happen! And hey, if you need a little boost in confidence, Arlene’s got your back with a fierce heel and lace-up design. You’ll be ready for anything!

Capricorn- Holyn

The stars are aligned in your career sector this month, so use this to your advantage! Take the initiative at work, demonstrate your dedication and ambition to grow. You’ll soon see the payoff! Oh, and grab the Holyn studded bootie while you’re at it. Nothing makes the work week better like the perfect booties!

Aquarius- Roca

You may be feeling restless or bored of your daily routine. Grab the edgy and chic Roca boots and go on an adventure. Take a road trip or book a flight to a city you’ve always wanted to explore. There’s no better time to seize the day!



Pisces- Honour

Emotions are high for you now Pisces, try to calm yourself and think clearly before making any swift or irrational decisions. Simply ride out your feelings and let them roll over your shoulder. It’s better to that with the eye-catching Honour boot who’ll have your attention held for moments at a time. Trust, sometimes a good shoe is all you need to soothe your emotions!

Aries- Elenora

You’ve been on the go, go, go lately, and now it’s time to take a break! Find reprieve with friends or family as you take this time to settle into the new season. Perhaps the Elenora sweater cuff boot is the perfect cozy companion to cuddle up with this month.

Taurus- Madelina

You may be feeling overlooked this month and long for some much-needed attention. Go out, hit the town, start conversations with stranger. If you’re a bit shy, snag the metallic Madelina bootie; she’s sure to get you all the attention you could ever want or need. Not to mention, she’s a total convo starter!


Excited for September and the fall season? Us too! (With these new styles, it’s hard not to be.) Let us know what you thought of your shoe match and monthly horoscope in the comments below!

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