Our New #FABForAll Campaign Is Here! Meet The Models!

21st Sep 2017 / By Guest Contributor

Our newest #FABforALL campaign is called:

More Room. More Comfort. More Style.

Why, you might ask? Because we now offer shoes and boots in extended sizes, wide width and wide calf! Every time we launch another #FABforALL campaign, we just get so inspired by the people we’re featuring. And, for the first time, we’re giving you an inside look at more than just the campaign itself—because we want you to get to know all of the fabulous women involved. Read on to hear from each of them about how they feel when they shop for shoes, what finding their perfect sizes means to them and more!


Blogger, Lovely In LA

Her shoe size: 11 Regular

How do you feel about shopping for shoes?

I wear an 11, so it’s usually a challenge. It’s tough finding shoes that are comfortable in my size, cute and fun, colorful shoes that I can wear for events.

What styles do you love and want to wear?

Anything that’s really on trend. I have a lot of classic styles but I love pops of color, ankle wraps, details, fabrics. I struggle with finding things that are unique and show my colorful personality. I love my go-to black shoes but sometimes you want that fun fashion statement! I love strappy sandals—typically I’ll stay around a 3-inch heel so I can wear it for events or work meetings. I also love great boots when the weather changes!

How do you feel when you’ve found the perfect shoes?

Oh my gosh! I don’t even know where to start! I don’t want to say it’s an emotional thing but it’s kind of amazing when it happens that you find the right combination of function, comfort and style—the stars have aligned. Sometimes you think you’ve found the perfect shoe, you get them home and you’re like, NO! when I do find something that works, there’s a celebration that happens, and then I’m going to buy it in at least four more colors! If it fits, you better buy a couple of them.


Apparel E-Commerce Merchandising Manager

Her shoe size: 8 Wide Calf

How do you feel about shopping for shoes? What are your biggest frustrations and how do you overcome them?

Like most women, I love shoe shopping! It’s more fun and easier than trying on clothes. While I love shoe shopping, I do not enjoy boot shopping. I have wide calves and I can never find cute yet affordable wide-calf boots.

What are your thoughts when you’re wearing shoes?

Can I run in an emergency situation? LOL! It’s true though, that’s why I prefer wearing lower heels and flats. I usually go for something a bit more comfortable. But I’m in fashion, I like to wear something a little bit edgy, too, something fashion forward. If I’m wearing great shoes, then I don’t think about them at all, which is a great thing! My feet are on the wider side to I usually have to deal with pinching or rubbing blisters.

What’s one of your first shoe memories?

When I was a little girl, I loved playing dress up in my mom’s closet. One of my favorite things to do was wear her cream lace wedding heels and imagine what my wedding day would be like. As my own wedding approaches I can’t help but wonder if my future daughter (or son) will play dress-up in my shoes someday.

How do you feel when you’ve found the perfect shoes?

Finding the perfect shoe is like finding treasure … but better, because you don’t have to keep it a secret. It makes me want to find a reason to go out and show off my new shoes!


Director of Market Research

Her shoe size: 8 Regular With Wide Calf

How do you feel about shopping for shoes?

When I’m going shoe shopping, it’s really overwhelming. I don’t even like trying them on in store because I get so self conscious. I generally have anxiety about shopping for shoes. My feet have gone up a half size since I had my daughter and so I don’t know how shoes will fit and whether or not they will be comfortable.

What styles do you love and want to wear?

A good pair of shoes can make you feel confident without having to spend a lot of money. People treat you differently when you’re wearing something that makes you feel good, because you project that confidence. I think very functionally, so I wear ballet flats almost all the time. But my favorite pair of shoes to shop for are stacked heels, wedges and sandals, because I feel like those are really comfortable while being really cute. When I have a good pair of shoes, I get really excited about my day and wanting people to see me in them.

How do you feel when you’ve found the perfect shoes?

I feel like having a dance party! It’s a mix of giddy excitement and confidence. It can really make my day! I’ve honestly never bought a pair of knee high boots—these actually fit me. This is the first time I got a knee high boot that I feel confident in.


Lead Stylist

Her shoe size: 5.5 Regular

How do you feel about shopping for shoes?

I love shoe shopping, but definitely always have a hard time finding such small sizes which can be discouraging! I find my staple brands that I know have great styles and carry my size so I don’t have to stress about falling in love with a shoe and not being able to get it!

How did you first become interested in shoes?

My mom has an amazing shoe closet and I started having the same size shoe as her when I was about 14, so from then on I would always go into her closet and beg to wear her shoes. Luckily, she has always let me borrow them, even to this day we swap around. So she definitely started my love and interest for shoes!

How do you feel when you’ve found the perfect shoes?

I never want to take them off! I try and incorporate them in as many outfits as I can and have to remind myself to not overdo it with one look and share the love between all my shoes.


JustFab Plus Size Fit Model

Her shoe size: 10 Wide Width

How do you feel about shopping for shoes?

I would rather get my eyebrows plucked out one by one, pay my taxes and get a full bikini wax. That’s how much I enjoy it! I feel frustration and constant disappointment right when I walk in the store because I know nothing cute is going to fit me. I know I usually have to get old lady shoes because those are the only shoes they have available in my size. I usually end up picking up shoes that won’t be very comfortable.

What styles do you love and want to wear?

Everything, to be honest! Life’s too short to have a boring wardrobe. I stopped wearing flats because I like to wear shoes that are a little crazier and out there. Metallics are really in right now, I just got the craziest pair of slip-ons that shine in the sun and are really fun. I really enjoy wearing wedges. I like them because I feel like they stay on my feet a little better. I’ll wear anything fun, as long as it stands out while being comfortable!

Did you have a shoe role model while you were growing up?

I got my mom’s smile, sense of humor … and, oh yeah, I got her wide feet! Whenever she went to buy shoes, I went with her. My mom and I were the same size and I was always trying on her stuff. This was back in the 80s when her hair was super high and she was going to work—that was a real fun time for me!

How do you feel when you’ve found the perfect shoes?

I feel like it’s my prize possession and I’ve hit gold! They’re in a very special place in my closet. I do everything I can to keep them clean—if I could, I’d set them behind a glass case!


JustFab VIP

Her shoe size: 12 Wide Width

How do you feel about shopping for shoes?

I absolutely dread shopping for shoes. Being wide width and a size 12, there aren’t a lot of cute options. There are the regular flats or loafers, but I’m still a woman and I want to look cute and sexy and feminine.

What’s your shoe philosophy?

Fashion always changes so quickly, so you don’t want to spend a lot of money—but you want to look like you did! When people meet you, they’re going off of what you look like. That’s what will invite them to talk to you. If they think you look nice and what you’re wearing is welcoming, they’re more likely to approach you. Your shoes can change your entire outfit. The shoes complete the outfit. Once you put them on, you definitely shouldn’t take them off—they’re our badge of honor!

How do you feel when you’ve found the perfect shoes?

When I find the perfect shoes, I feel like I hit the jackpot. I want to wear them all the time, so I have to buy a second pair for backup!

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