How To: Get The Rocking Ballerina Look With Sexy Hair (And A Sweeps)!

7th Sep 2017 / By Guest Contributor

Seductive and sexy meets rebellious and raw. From floaty tulle and moto-inspired leather to the ever iconic ballerina colors of black and pastel pink, our new Rocking Ballerina collection is the perfect juxtaposition of tough and sweet. And what better way to really show off our amazing new collection than with equally amazing Rocking Ballerina-inspired hair? We partnered with Sexy Hair to bring this collection to life with hairstyles that are part rocker, part ballerina, ALL absolutely va-va-voom.

The incredibly talented artist, Amanda Fator, came up with two absolutely gorgeous hairstyles that perfectly complement the Rocking Ballerina vibe. Check out how she turned our hair models, Kira and Bri, into Rocking Ballerina goddesses!




1. Thoroughly spray hair with Hot Sexy Hair Protect Me and then use the Sexy Hair Texture Lock Pro Crimping Iron to crimp the entire head.

2. Divide your hair from front to back with a zig zag parting.

3. Use Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Hairspray for control and brush the front section into a ponytail at the top of the head. Repeat this in the back.

4. In the back section, create a simple 3-strand braid. Use Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Lite for grit and control as you pull apart and expand the braid, and then secure ends in an elastic.

5. Wrap the braid around its base and secure with bobby pins.

6. In the front, divide the ponytail into 3 sections. Then divide each of those sections in half. Take the 2 strands from one section and tie them in knots, creating a chain link, and then secure ends with an elastic. Repeat with the other 2 sections to result in 3 finished chain links.

7. Use Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Lite while you expand the chain links. Place each chain link in a way that provides balance and then secure with bobby pins.

8. Finish with Big Sexy Hair Spritz & Stay for high shine and extreme hold.

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1. Spray dry hair with Hot Sexy Hair Protect Me for heat protection. In small sections, crimp some strands with the Sexy Hair Texture Lock Pro Crimping Iron and curl others with the Sexy Hair Curl Lock Pro 1” Curling Iron to add texture and fullness.

2. Starting at the top of your head, take a small amount of hair from both sides and gather them into a small ponytail draped over the crown. Secure with an elastic. Work a small amount of Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Paste into the hands like a lotion to add control.

3. Working down the head, take approximately 1”-1.5” wide sections and gather them into a ponytail just below the previous one.

4. Repeat these steps down to the ends of your hair.

5. Once you’ve secured your hair in ponytails, apply Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Lite into your “faux braid” and manipulate the hair to incorporate the product into the braid.

6. Expand the hair by pulling delicately on the strands just above the elastic.

7. Finish with Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play for moveable hold and high shine.

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And here’s something super exciting. We’re also partnering with our friends at Sexy Hair on an amazing Sexy Hair in the City sweepstakes. You and your bestie can win an all expenses paid trip to NYC complete with a makeover and a PS By JustFab box that we’ll put together for you with styles you can rock on your trip. Plus our PS By JustFab stylists will help you pull off your super chic NYC look since they’ll style you from head to toe if you win. And the value of this prize is $4499 – whoa!

It’s super easy to enter this sweepstakes. Just follow these simple steps & enter here.
1. Follow @sexyhair and @justfabonline on Instagram
2. Like our post about the giveaway here
3. Tag your bestie in the comments on the post
That’s it!
U.S. & Canada only. Must be 18+ to enter. Last day to enter 9.30.17 at 11:59pm PST. T&C apply:

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