Behind The Scenes: An Exclusive Look At Our September Campaign

15th Sep 2017 / By Guest Contributor

A cool wind blows, bringing with it a new season and a fresh take on fashion. Tough meets sweet. Edgy meets romantic. Unexpected combinations of hard and soft come together in the biggest trends of the season. Our September collection is inspired by the Rocking Ballerina—and we’re super excited to take you behind the scenes of our photo shoot. Read on to learn more!


We shot our September campaign at the Wright Ranch in Malibu, California. Their tagline is, “Where the ocean meets the sky”—and that’s perfectly accurate! The space was designed by Eric Lloyd Wright and offers the ultimate Santa Monica Mountains atmosphere. It’s the perfect blank canvas to feature the intricate and modern details of our collection.

Our shoot happened on a beautiful sunny day overlooking the Pacific Ocean—so dreamy and amazing, right? Our models, Amy Hixon and Sabina Karlsson, were shot by photographer Emma Tempest, and they perfectly embodied the sweet yet seductive vibe of our pieces for September.

After checking this out, aren’t you totally ready to be a Rocking Ballerina yourself? (We thought so!) Shop our September collection here.

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