Your August Horoscope

1st Aug 2017 / By Guest Contributor

With summer in full force, there’s no better time to know what’s on the horizon for the month. Read on for your August horoscope and the perfect JustFab shoe to match your personality!


You’ve been known to put too much on your plate, and this month, it’s about time to do things differently. We highly recommend taking a much-needed break and only doing what’s needed of you. After all, you deserve a little “you time.”


A new romance is on the horizon! Go on a date, or walk up and introduce yourself to that cute guy at the bar.  Who knows what’ll happen!


This is the month to make your dreams come to life. Whether you’re looking to travel somewhere new, move to that apartment you’ve been eyeing, or land that dream job, there’s never been a better time to make it happen.


Virgos like to be in control, but this month, try and let someone else take the lead and give yourself a much needed break. You don’t always need to organize everything (plus, think of all the things you’ll be able to do with that newfound free time!).


This month, you may have some trouble keeping up with the demands of work, friends, and life in general. Now’s the time to make sure the people you have in your life are supporting your every step and helping you get through the challenges life throws your way.


This month is going to bring some seriously amazing opportunities your way. Whether it’s travel, work, or relationships, we highly recommend broadening your horizon any way you can!


If you’ve got a big task at hand, we believe it’s important to team up with someone who can make whatever your project is stronger. Team up with a friend, colleague, or neighbor, and put your brains together to create something amazing.


This is the perfect month to broaden your fashion horizon. Take inventory of your current wardrobe and update it with fresh trends and styles you’ve been coveting all season. Remember, fashion is all about experimenting and having fun!


This month, slip away and allow yourself to focus on you and only you. Whether it’s hitting the gym or getting a much-needed massage, make time for you and you’ll be surprised at how amazing you feel.


Let your creative side run wild! While we know you’ve always loved a good adventure, this is the best time to do something totally new and outside the box.


Pump up your confident side and let everyone know who you really are. Be passionate, assertive, and know that you are of serious value. Once you do, people will take notice!


Take a break from staying in and go out there and meet someone new. Whether it’s a new friend or a brand-new love interest, there’s someone for everyone – you just have to make yourself available.

What do you think of the pair we chose for you? Sound off in the comment section below!


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