Our Hearts Are With You: How You Can Help The Hurricane Victims

31st Aug 2017

In the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, our thoughts are with all of the victims of these horrible natural disasters. We’ve put together a list of the ways you can donate time and resources to all those affected. Although we reside in different cities, our hearts are all with those who are suffering. We encourage you to read through this list and come together to help the citizens of Texas and Florida who are in need.

List of Org To Donate To

Hurricane Harvey Organizations
Food Banks:
Feeding Texas
Houston Food Bank

Child Services:
Texas Diaper Bank
Save the Children

Pet Relief Organizations:
Wings of Rescue
Houston Humane Society

Blood Banks:
Carter Blood Care
South Texas Blood & Tissue Center
American Red Cross

Community & Housing Initiatives:
Greater Houston Community Foundation
Habitat for Humanity
United Way
Coalition for the Homeless

Hurricane Irma Organizations
American Red Cross
Operation USA
America Cares
Salvation Army

In addition, JustFab will be donating over 6,000 styles of shoes and clothing to help those in need.


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