Friendship Day: JF Besties Showcase Their Style

4th Aug 2017 / By Guest Contributor

Here at the JustFab headquarters, everyone works together as close friends and colleagues. So, when we heard that Friendship Day  is August 6ht, we thought it would be super fun to give everyone a glimpse into our office “bestie style”. Take a look below at each girl’s individual style and see why they love and appreciate working with their chic and ultra-cool office bestie! 

Featured Styles: Satin Slip Dress, Leander Bootie, Flirty Fit and Flare DressHaylen Bootie

Alexis Teeling & Cara Cabodi

Cara has a very laidback but feminine style. Fit and flare dresses are her signature, and she loves a good chunky heel.

“I love being able to sit by my work bestie because we have such great conversations and A LOT of laughs.  In addition, she is a free spirit and very kind person.”

Alexis’ style is bold and ever-changing, but one thing is constant in her fashion repertoire and that’s silk!

“Cara is totally opposite of me, and I think that’s part of her draw! I love her unique sense of humor and unfaltering kindness.”

Style Names: Rosanna BootieSatin Cami Top

Aurielle Pope & Katrina Katona

Auri’s style is very fun and trendy. She loves to experiment with texture and volume.

“I love Katrina because she is a very bubbly, genuine and kind soul who’s full of surprises!”

Katrina’s style is very polished, sophisticated, and ultra-feminine.

“Auri’s a star at everything she does! She works hard, plays hard and just lights up the room with her fun, playful spirit. She always surprises me with her thoughtfulness and huge heart. I’m grateful to call her a friend!”

Featured Styles: Long Moto VestPresley BootieRemovable Patch Parka

Kyra Key & Donae Pendleton

Kyra is the queen of chic athleisure. She always has trendy elements mixed in with fresh and functional pieces, making for a look that’s as stylish as it is comfortable!

“I love Sparkle (Donae) because she embodies just that! She never fails to brighten any room she walks into, she’s unapologetically herself and she just makes work so much more fun”

Donae’s style is one rooted in comfort and ease. She’s a makeup girl at heart so she likes to play up her femininity and creativity through her various beauty looks.

“I love Kyra because we have a natural chemistry—we just get each other! We can look at each other and tell what the other is thinking.”

Let us know what you love most about YOUR bestie or work bestie in the comments below, and have a happy Friendship Day!


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