Our Stars and Shoes Align: Your July JustFab Horoscope

6th Jul 2017 / By Guest Contributor

It’s high summer and we’ve got adventure on the brain. With pool parties in full swing and weekend getaways on the calendar, it’s paramount that you put your best foot forward. To do so, you’re gonna need the right shoe…and that’s where the stars come in. See below to find what the cosmos have in store for you and your July endeavors. 


CANCER – Denene

Harmony will prevail for you this month. Whatever issues or struggles you’ve been dealing with have begun to settle. When the sun trines Neptune on the 9th, great potential is present so be sure to find a focus and hone in on those talents.

GEMINI – Messina

Venus, the ruling planet of love is in Gemini this month, so don’t be surprised by the extra attention! People will be drawn to you, making it an ideal time for sparking up new relationships and meeting new people.

LEO – Khloe

Now’s the time to channel your inner social butterfly as Venus will be entering a highly social area of your chart on the 5th. Make plans with friends and be spontaneous. With the full moon on the 9th, take the opportunity to turn your visions into a reality. Remember, Leo, social and professional prospects are on your side this month!

VIRGO – Pemberley

New opportunities and arrangements are in your favor this month, especially near the 7th! And with Venus at the top of your chart and the full moon on the 10th, this will be a highly social and romantic period for you.

LIBRA –  Carmen

With the sun at the peak of your chart this month, your confidence is soaring. Take advantage of this to make some much needed career moves. Watch out for power struggles on the 9th and remember to stay focused on the path you have laid out for yourself.

SCORPIO – Haylen

Avoid debates or arguments this month as you will find yourself in a no-win situation. Instead, focus on undeveloped plans as Mercury moves into your public aspect on the 6th. Make these plans a reality and enjoy some carefree fun!


Relationship and career prospects are in your favor this month as Venus, the planet of love and money enters Gemini, the communicative and social planet. Use this to your advantage and further develop your work and play relations.


Don’t get stuck on issues of the past, Capricorn. Now is the time to let harmonious energies smooth out any remaining friction in your personal and professional lives. The full moon in your birth sign on the 9th, will have you channeling your emotions and moving towards a need to be true to yourself.

AQUARIUS – Leander

Tensions may be high in the beginning of the month, so you you’d be wise to avoid confrontation. Instead, welcome to full moon on the 9th and take this time to unwind and reflect. The world is your oyster, Aquarius. You just have to pick and choose your battles.

PISCES – Aubrie

Nothing can stop you this month, Pisces. Negative energy seems to bounce right off you as you remain focused on the bright days ahead. This is a time to be self-expressive and social. Don’t stress about future plans or strategies, as the full moon on the 9th will draw these plans closer to a positive reality for you.

ARIES – Georgia

With Mars out of harmony with your birth sign this month, you may feel a little irritable. But not to worry, Gemini is on your side this month and you’ll have no problem using your charm to keep the ball in your court. Now is the ideal time to draw attention to your accomplishments.


Adventure and spontaneity is in full swing this month, Taurus. With Jupiter, the planet of luck in alignment with Libra the sign of balance and harmony, you have nothing to stress or worry about.

Now that you’ve found your cosmic shoe companion, the best of summer is ahead of you!

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