Brand Ambassador Inspo: Meet Berty Morales

21st Jul 2017 / By Guest Contributor

12 years ago, I weighed 284 pounds. But thanks to Lap-Band surgery, my life changed—and I lost a total of 150 pounds! Nice to meet you—I’m Berty Morales, a loyal JustFab VIP Member.

Style Names: Linen TunicGisane Heeled Sandal

At the same time I was losing weight, I noticed that my fashion sense and style were changing, too. I wasn’t down to my ideal weight yet, so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on clothes. You have no idea about the struggle of shopping when you’re losing weight—I could buy a dress one day, and two weeks later it went into the donation pile because it had gotten too big on me.

Style Names: Annabella Heeled SandalTie Sleeve off Shoulder Dress

During my weight loss journey, I used to shop at a local boutique in Dallas … until I came across JustFab. I became a VIP Member in 2011 and I’ve been addicted ever since! Becoming a member of a shoe club with a shoe addiction means that when I visit, I automatically know I’m in the best kind of trouble! But what I love about JustFab is that you can have a complete outfit for $39.95. In December 2013, I wore an outfit that changed the game. Before the year was over, JustFab invited me to become a Brand Ambassador—total win win!

Once the shoes, clothes, handbags, and other accessories started to come in, I decided to start my own personal fashion diary to help inspire other women struggling with a new body just like me. When I started the blog back in 2011, I knew that if I could inspire at least one woman, I’d be very happy. Little did I know that several women would identify with me since then!

Featured Styles: Leander Bootie, Floyd Crossbody BagMini Gingham Skirt

Helping these women by answering their questions when it comes to fashion brings joy into my life. When they tell me that they wish they were more secure and had my confidence, I automatically correct them. I let them know that my confidence will always be up to the roof but my insecurities will never go away. I still have some parts of my body that I will never be happy with, but I will never let my insecurities control my life. Love yourself, and stop taking your body for granted.

We’re so inspired by Berty Morales and her incredible weight loss journey—and we’re proud to have her as a JustFab Brand Ambassador!

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