JustFab Brand Room by Laurel & Wolf

5th May 2017 / By Guest Contributor

We recently decided to give our brand room a complete overhaul. And when we say a complete overhaul, we basically mean we didn’t even have a brand room to begin with! We called in the big guns — AKA the interior design professionals at Laurel & Wolf — to help take our brand room at JustFab HQ to the next level.

So, what was Laurel & Wolf Interior Designer Kimberly Winthrop’s biggest challenge when designing a space to match our aesthetic? Our Director of Public Relations, Kira, had a little to say on that topic! “The walls for sure!” she said. “A lot of them were stone or brick, which was tough for the look we were going for. Also finding out one wall had a whiteboard on it that couldn’t be removed.”

While a coat of pale pink Valentine Memories paint from our partners at Paintzen went far in making over the walls, even more needed to be done to make the office into the “fashion lounge” that we wanted. Before, it was a working area of our office with desks and computers in it for the fashion and tech teams. Now, it’s used for so much more! From meetings with bloggers to photo shoots and brainstorming ideas for marketing initiatives, it’s become an all-purpose, creative meeting space.

Since the room needed to function in a lot of different ways, Kimberly had the difficult task of balancing fashion and function in the design. On the list of our non-negotiables? Plenty of seating and an area to display product and mood boards.

Kimberly went above and beyond with our seating needs and provided us with multi-functional furniture. Three benches form a giant coffee table at the center of the room, which is the perfect place to kick up your feet or display coffee table books.

But when it’s time to get to business? The coffee table acts as added seating!

Though functionality was extremely important to us, we couldn’t help but fall in love with the playful egg chair, which has been great for capturing shareable moments when bloggers stop by. “It is such a fun touch and makes every meeting one where we can remember to not take ourselves too seriously and have some fun,” Kira said.

Our new brand room seamlessly blends fashion and fun, just like JustFab itself. It’s a comfortable space to showcase our hard work but also provides an oasis to do just that!


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