Behind The Scenes: An Exclusive Look At Our May Campaign

1st May 2017

Breezy, flowing silhouettes. Exotic prints. Lush, island-inspired greens. Ita��s definitely time to take to the tropics. And thata��s exactly what we did for our latest JustFab campaign, which took us all the way to the beautiful island of Oahu in Hawaii!A�Wea��re taking you behind the scenes of our May shoota��read on to learn more!

Shooting in Hawaii really let us channel the island soul spirit that our May collection embodies. We visited Secret Island, where we shot on lush tropical gardens and even crossed a peaceful lagoon to arrive at a pristine beacha��this is where we captured our gorgeous models in our swim collection!

We were so inspired by the landscape and the warm hospitality of native Hawaiians. Plus, we definitely indulged with delicious poke and homemade food throughout our stay!

After checking this out, arena��t you totally ready to take to the tropics? We know we sure are! Shop our May collection here.

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