We’re Celebrating International Women’s Day

8th Mar 2017 / By Guest Contributor

It’s International Women’s Day and as a global celebration of all women, everywhere, we would like to shed light on some of our very own inspiring women here at the JustFab headquarters. We asked them how they feel they make a difference in the world. After all, this is a time for reflection and accelerating momentum towards gender equality and the empowerment of every girl and woman.

Hollace H., PR Manager; African American

I make a difference in the world as the Chair of the Associate Board for OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center – one of the nation’s most respected organizations for grief support and education. I want to see more diversity integrated into OUR HOUSE’s work within the different communities they serve. For 21 years, OUR HOUSE has helped thousands of grieving children, teens and adults as they embark on their journeys to hope and healing after the death of someone close.  As a philanthropist, I believe that it is important to take responsibility of changing the world into my own hands and start molding the future generation to embrace community service.

Christine I., GMS Supervisor Back Office Support; Filipino American

I make a difference in the world by building collaborative avenues for individuals in the creative community.

Outside of work, I lead a side project of creative direction by curating content for upcoming/local artistry shops and food hubs. It’s a passion for me to serve others, especially if it involves a path towards creative entrepreneurship i.e. a musician, lifestyle blogger, shop owner, designer or artist. Being a Filipino in the creative industry started out tough, but I am thankful my parents supported my decision in choosing a career in the arts. I believe we were created and given talents to be used for a greater purpose!

In addition to creative directing, I serve my church through event coordinating. Our Women’s group is active in hosting outreaches, free 101 cooking sessions, and opportunities to feed the hungry or help the less fortunate. Living in a generation where everything is online and instant, we lose out on wholesome conversations in person and never “unplug.” Our mission is to encourage women of all ages by providing a way to serve one another. This brings faith to action and helps to recognize how face to face chats and actually being social by surrounding yourself with people instead of websites, will reap its reward!

Alicia M., Associate Buyer JustFab Footwear; Polish, Russian, German

I make a difference in the world by working closely with my grandma to crochet hats for infants and cancer patients in hospitals nearby. I try to utilize my talents and my spare time in order to make a difference for someone going through a tough time.

Natasha K., Director Of Social Media; Bangladeshi American

I make a difference in the world by directing dollars to causes I’m passionate about and businesses I believe in. When I came to the US as a Bangladeshi-Muslim immigrant in 1986, my family couldn’t get a $500 loan to buy a car. My mother always taught me to give back so that others could also live the American dream, whether it be volunteering at Veterans Hospitals, teaching ESL or fostering entrepreneurship in high schools. Then I became a mom of 2 under 2 and couldn’t find time to serve. Fortunately, I discovered I could make a big impact by rallying my network to make small donations.  I started by donating my children’s birthday parties to charity. My kids raised $10,000 in small donations for charities, including Together We Rise, a non-profit that supports foster children. My passion is to use my dollars to make a difference, whether it’s in donations or shopping with socially responsible businesses.

Nnenna E., Executive Assistant to Adam Goldenberg, Co-Founder and Co-CEO; Nigerian

I make a difference in the world by serving as a mentor and facilitator for Impact Your World Nigeria. Through this organization I have been given the opportunity to identify, nurture and empower the next generation of purpose-driven Nigerian leaders. I am proud to be able to co-labor with conscientious leaders and organizations who share my vision of seeing Nigeria’s abundant resources properly managed for the common good of all.

Jillian D., Director of Customer Acquisition Marketing for Fast Fashion; German, Irish, Dutch

As a part-time indoor cycling instructor, I make a difference in the world by inspiring people of all ages and ethnicities to get fit and have fun doing it. Whether I’m teaching first-time cyclers or veteran road warriors, my goal is to motivate and challenge every client so s/he leaves each class feeling a sense of accomplishment.

These women are a testament to the fact that no matter your skill set, background or experience, we are all capable of giving back to the community and inspiring and motivating others to do the same. We hope these stories have struck a chord and help you to reflect upon your own path as a woman in today’s culture.

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