Rewards For Shopping? Yes, Please!

23rd Mar 2017 / By Guest Contributor

What better way to fuel your (totally healthy and justified) shoe addiction than to be rewarded for doing so? Below are a few pro-tips to make sure you VIP Fashion Fund point balance stays full.

  1. Earn Points For Shopping And Reviewing: Receive 25 reward points for every dollar you spend! And the more points you earn, the better loyalty status you can achieve. Don’t forget to review your past purchases in order to up your point balance, too. For every shoe review you can earn 20 reward points, and for every clothing review you can earn 40 reward points. Plus, if you upload a pic of you rocking your JustFab purchases on social media with #JustFabStyle, you can score 50 bonus points and get the chance to be featured on our site!


  1. The More Points You Earn, The Better Goodies You Get: People say “less is more” … but that’s really not the case when it comes to the Fashion Fund! We have a fully stocked swag shop full of jewelry, coupons and free goodies with different tiers. To redeem an item in Tier 1, you need a balance of 2500 points. For Tier 2, you need a balance of 4500 points. For Tier 3, you need a balance of 6000 points.


  1. More Points = Better Perks: We’re all about levels! The more points you earn, the better your loyalty status becomes. Just like the Fashion Fund Goodies Shop, our loyalty program has three tiers: VIP, Elite VIP and Diamond Elite VIP. In order to become an Elite VIP you need to earn 5000 reward points based on how much you spend, and to become a Diamond Elite VIP you need to earn 10,000 points based on how much you spend. Check out all the great perks you can receive from the different loyalty statuses below:4. Spending Your Points Doesn’t Change Your Status: Stay calm and redeem those points! Just because you redeem them doesn’t mean you’ll lower your loyalty status. But don’t get too comfy: your reward points expire one year from the date that you’ve earned them and your loyalty tier resets if you don’t earn enough points based on how much you spend in a calendar year. So keep on spending and earning those points!All in all, not being a part of this loyalty program would seriously be a crime … and we might just need to the fashion police on you! So sign up now—the perks are endless and you seriously won’t regret it.

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