Lettuce Help You: Salad In A Jar

4th Jan 2017 / By Guest Contributor

Now that the holidays are over, we’re on the hunt for recipes that are not only healthy but delicious. Canning jars are definitely perfect for snack storage, cocktail sipping and more … but our favorite way to use them is for salads! Canning jars not only keep food crisp and fresh, but they also look super pretty from the outside. Bonus: salads last for days when they’re stored in the fridge. (AKA: these babies are perfect for meal planning!)

The salad recipe we’re loving right now is perfect for days on the go or nights at home when you’re just not in the mood to go gourmet. Crunchy, sweet and totally hearty, this recipe is not only an instant go to but crazy simple—it only has two steps!

What you’ll need:
A handful of fresh kale or lettuce
Some toasted pine nuts
A few dried cranberries
Grilled chicken
A splash of balsamic vinaigrette


What to do:

Pour the splash of balsamic vinaigrette into the canning jar. Top it off with the cranberries, pine nuts, grilled chicken and kale (in that order).
Shake, pour and enjoy (when you’re ready!).

Lettuce Help You: Salad In A Jar

Now it’s your turn! Do you have any healthy recipes you turn to time and time again? Spill your faves in the comments below.

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