Inside The JustFab HQ with Goodwill and Give Back Box

11th Jan 2017 / By Guest Contributor

This Monday was all about cleaning out our closets for a good cause. The JustFab team put their emails and daily tasks aside to band together for the Goodwill Give Back Box event. Here at the JF headquarters, staffers hauled in what could best be described as the cumulative aftermath of dozens of closet purges! Breaking up with your wardrobe is not always easy. Our Director of Social Media, Natasha K., shared some really useful tips on when and how to rid your closet of items you no longer wear. For example, scuffed shoes, pilled sweaters and items you haven’t worn in the last 6 months or more are all great candidates for donation!

Inside The JustFab HQ with Goodwill and Give Back Box

While the JustFab team folded and boxed up all the donations, they shared their feelings of relief when it came to their closet cleanouts. And, yes, some had a harder time saying goodbye! To help with the separation anxiety, Natasha’s tip about viewing your wardrobe like real estate offered a really helpful perspective: the more space that’s being occupied by items you no longer wear, the less space you have to integrate new items that you WILL wear.

Donate now, and think of it as the perfect excuse to shop and fill the new space you have in your wardrobe.

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