DIY: Fun & Festive Holiday Nails

1st Dec 2016 / By Guest Contributor

There’s nothing more fun than getting glammed up for the holidays! And while we love to go all out with our clothing and shoes, we love nothing more than adding our nails into the mix, too! After all, nail art is a huge trend right now.

Easy to create and even more fun to look at, these sparkly nails can be done in any color combo to create a personalized nail look you’ll love to show off (in-person and on Instagram, of course!).

DIY: Fun & Festive Holiday Nails

Ready to nail this trend? Let’s do this!

Step 1: Start with any nail color you want. Let it dry well, and apply a thin top coat once dry.
Step 2: Use your favorite glitter polish and lay down a line of it at the top of the nail. If you’re not in the mood to only do the tops, you can do the moons or apply the glitter all over! The possibilities are endless, so have fun.

DIY: Fun & Festive Holiday Nails
Step 3: Use a thin brush to drag the glitter polish out. Don’t drag too much – you want it to fade naturally to almost nothing.
Step 4: After you’ve dragged it out, go back and add another layer of the glitter polish on top to make it a little more obvious.
Step 5: Add the top coat immediately. It will help the glitter lay flat and settle.

DIY: Fun & Festive Holiday Nails

Ready? We can’t wait to see how creative each and every one of you get with this nail trend. Oh, and remember to never let anyone dull your sparkle!

Special thanks to Nail Garden in El Segundo, CA for creating this super cute design for us! Follow them on Instagram: @NailGarden
Plaza El Segundo 2005 B2 East Park Place El Segundo, CA 90245

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