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29th Sep 2016 / By Guest Contributor

Meet the girls behind one of the most popular, funny and witty Instagram accounts – BETCHES. Back in 2011, Jordana Abraham, Samantha Fishbein, and Aleen Kuperman aka “BETCHES” were college roommates where the golden idea sparked and the blog was created. Their blog immediately went viral, and from there they knew they had a unique chance to build their business from the ground up. Five years later, they have a created a huge millennial brand with an audience of over 5 million, two New York Times bestselling books, and a successful retail operation, Shop Betches. The Betches are excited to be launching a collaboration with JustFab and for many new exciting projects to come. Here’s a few fun questions we are kicking off the collaboration with:

o   How would you describe the classic “betches” style? In this vein, what sort of pieces should we expect from the collection?

The classic Betches’ style is trendy, put together, and edgy. It was definitely difficult to choose our favorite 30 items for the first collection because JustFab had such a good selection, but ultimately we chose items that were a good medium between the hottest trends and what would be appealing to a broad spectrum of girls

o   What makes Betches and Just Fab the ultimate power collaboration?

JustFab’s tagline “Fab For All” really captures it – we of course think that every Betch should want to look fab and feel cool and confident in what she’s wearing.

o   How will this collection highlight style and humor while also empowering women of all ages and sizes?

We’ll be promoting heavily on social, but instead of the classic street style or fashion photography, we’re going to be calling attention to this partnership with the more comedic and low-key voice that has always worked for our brand. Style can be fun and accessible to all types of girls.

o   What makes the betches collaboration relatable for all kinds of different women who “wear different hats”?

We think our humor on Instagram and other social platforms is something that women of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy, and we tried to do the same thing in curating this collection. We wanted it to be something that our fans could appreciate rather than just a niche group, and we think JustFab is the perfect partner for this initiative.

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