The Sweetest Things Our Staffers Have To Say To Their Dads

18th Jun 2016 / By Guest Contributor

It’s Father’s Day – a day to celebrate one of the most important men in our lives – Dad. In honor of this special holiday, 5 of our JustFab staff members have shared why Dad means so much to them.


What he taught me…
“My dad has taught me to enjoy all that life has to offer and to get out and explore the world. As a kid, I remember my father always encouraging us to experience art and music activities and as an avid traveler, he would share his experiences from other countries so that we would be inspired to travel and explore the world as well. As an adult, I find myself to be adventurous enjoying travel and foreign cuisine as well. I plan to instill those same values in my daughter so she will learn and grow to be a well-rounded person”. Claudia V., Community Relations Sr. Manager


What I love about him…
“What I love most about my dad is his kind heart, his love for his family and the desire to succeed. He puts his family above everything and always has time (no matter how busy his schedule) to simply be there… Whether it’s teaching me how to keep my garden as beautiful as his, picking up the grandkids from school, taking my mom for a stroll to her favorite shops, he does it all just to see us happy. On top of being the best dad ever, he works harder than anyone I know. He came to this country at a young age alone and without a dime in his pocket. He’s now a proud and successful business owner (doing exactly what he loves). He’s my inspiration and motivates me to keep on pushing to succeed and as cheesy as it may sound “be all that I can be”. – Rosemary C. Social Media Associate


How he inspires me…
“My dad inspires me in more ways than one each and every day. He takes the most positive and fun approach to every challenge he faces in life, which is the way I’ve adapted to live mine. He’s the life of the party and he can literally make friends with anyone he meets on the street. He once scared off a bear by barking like a dog at it, sang on stage with Adam Levine and peeled my grapes for me as a kid because I didn’t like the skin. If there weren’t already a “Most Interesting Man in the World,” I would nominate Joe Pizzuti. In short, he’s basically the man, and I strive to live my life to the fullest and to always keep things, well, interesting. As Dad would say, “Keep on truckin”. Stephanie P., Ambassador Program Associate


One of my favorite memories…
“I just want to start this off by saying that my dad is truly the best dad I could ever have! He is an amazing husband, son, brother, friend, colleague, and, of course, dad! One of my favorite memories of my dad didn’t even happen that long ago, but it’s definitely a story worth telling. I was living in San Francisco when I accepted my current position at JustFab, which meant making the big move down to Los Angeles! After four long days, I was finally moved in. From the heavy lifting to the long drive to doing all of the handy work, my father was there for me every step of the way. When it was finally time for my dad to head back home to the Bay Area, we exchanged our hugs goodbye and he looked at me and said, “I am so proud of you. You’re doing it, girl! I love you!” Getting that kind of respect and admiration from my father during a big transition in my life was priceless – and I know that my dad will be there for me for many more life changes! I love you, Dad”! Danielle D., Loyalty Program Manager


How he shaped who I am today…
“My dad has always been my role model, as he is truly an incredible and admirable person all around. He is loving, kind, funny, honest, ambitious, successful, and so much more. I truly wish to follow in his footsteps, exemplified by the fact that I worked incredibly hard to be able to attend his alma mater (USC, Fight On!), and I am so happy that I did. I hope to achieve everything that he has and more so that I can repay him for all he has given me. I love you, dad”! Yasmina K., Marketing Specialist

Happy Father’s Day!

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